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    Rati+Megid(Rati causes Megid to skip its rolling and automatically work)

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    Favorite caracter : Sil'fer
    Least : Stella(where is the power)

    Favorite map : Caelum
    Least : Dolor Odor(with arkz you just have to place two rag rappys on the teleporters and the hunter is pratically dead)

    Favorite card : Gibbles(i love power)
    Least : Poufuilly slime
    Random ragnus speed run ->
    Grove of Fanatics S2 run ->

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    Wel i only play offline n have loads of cards My faves are
    Weapon :
    Hunter ouble cannon
    Ranger :Wals Mk2
    Force sycho Wand
    Mag itri
    Shield :Kasami Bracer
    Creature :
    Native :Saint Rappy
    A.Beast :Migium/Hidooms
    Machine :Sinow Zoa
    Dark : Deldepth/Merlan togetha kik ass
    Hero : Recently chngd to Ino'lis cos tech kiks ass
    Ark : Hyze, AP assist rules plus 4 base
    Action : Rafoie/Double attack(one tht attacks opponent twice)
    Assist : Muscular rules all

    sorry for lo0ng list jus a bit bord lol

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    item: dark meteor(ive ko'ed 2 arks at once with this)
    action: right heavy punch amazing range + rampage
    Creature:Chaos Bringer(doing over 50 damage with no action cards is grand)

    ps: i only chose from cards i actually own

    sig by gama
    Justina human female Te/Hu maybe braver soon
    Shayla newman female Br/Ra
    Alisha.EXE cast female Bo/Hu
    ship 02 team:none

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    I'm still relatively new and learning, so here goes:

    Side: Hunters
    Hero: Orland
    Arkz: Endu
    Card: Chain Sword

    Least Favorites
    Hero: Stella
    Arkz: Creinu
    Card: Trash 1

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    Card: Depends, but Wals MK-2 is the best in terms of sheer force for me.
    Hunters: Kylria (Brute force FTW! ><)
    Arkz: Ohgun, I love Rangers in the storylines
    Side: Hunters, the only one I actually beat

    Least Favorites:

    Card: Probably Dubchich
    Hunters: Guykild. Bzzt.
    Arkz: Umm.....Probably Peko.
    Boss: Pollux (GOD I HATE HER SO MUCH!)
    Kyousei - 21 Fnewm

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    Let me continue...
    Best stage for music, Tower of Caelum
    for looks, Ravum Aedes Sacra (music is pretty cool here too)
    for tactics, Morgue

    I'm still trying to acquire most of the cards to get an opinion...
    My favorite characters are Ino'lis, Glustar, Break and Peko (go FOrces!!!).

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    hmm my favorite combo huh it would have to be charity+Viviana and i like Pollux better her weapon is sick and the stages music is sick

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    Favorite Char:
    Hero: Saligun
    Arkz: Hyze
    Favorite Item Card:
    Hunter : Tsumikiri J-Sword
    Ranger: uhh...I have lots of Favorites
    Force: Psycho Wand
    Favorite Monster Card: Hildelt
    Favorite Boss: Final, not Pollux or Castor, but the one after that

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    OK, after a while, I feel I need to revise my opinions here.

    Hunter: It depends, because I have multiple opinions here. A winning Orland deck is very easy to build. A Teifu deck will take a lot of effort to make, but is powerful when used properly, and can be a beast in a team match (especially if he pairs with Rio ) And Kranz is all around a great character to use, but is hard to make a good deck around because he's got his abilities, and that's it.

    Arkz: Again, I have multiple opinions. It's very easy to make a good Endu deck early on. Rio is a good team character. Rufina can be used well with attack actions (coughUnitBlowcough57damageinoneattackinsoloCOUGH) . K.C. and Ohgun have immaculate, extremely abusable ranges (Nests and Indi+'s agree. )

    Music: Tie between Caelum/Morgue. Both are great BGM's overall.

    Arena: Caelum. What's not to love?

    Boss: Leukon Knight, so much HP, so much fun to torture with Break/Relmitos.

    Item: Meh, this also depends. I have stuff I put in decks for each different character.

    Sil'fer: Lavis Blades
    Kranz: Dark Meteor
    Ino'lis: Dark Bridge
    Guykild: Baranz Launcher
    Teifu: Tsumikiri J-Sword
    Viviana: None (I hate Viviana)
    Orland: Toy Hammer
    Relmitos: None (Haven't tried Relmitos yet)
    Klyria: Final Impact (I like FI. It's hawt )
    Saligun: Ravana
    Stella: None (have yet to try)
    Glustar: None (Have yet to try)

    Creature: Depends on the character.

    Break: None (HYTT)
    Lura: None (HYTT)
    Endu: None (HYTT)
    Memoru: None (Hate Memoru)
    K.C.: Indi Belra+ and Mothvists in combination (ownage)
    Rufina: HYTT
    Peko: HYTT
    Hyze: Any powerful monster with AP Growth (HYTT, but thinking of making a Hyze deck.)
    Rio: I have a lot. (Would you believe my Sinow Mine deck got an S-Rank on a TEST run? And I used Lura's Hi Lillies deck, against two Teifus.)
    Creinu: HYTT
    Reiz: HYTT (thinking of making one, though, I might use Hallo Rappy+ and Dubchichs in combination)
    Ohgun: Mothvists and Indi Belra+ in combination (OWNAGE)

    Attack Action:

    Double Attack (High cost, but definently worth it)/ HP Attack/ GN/SW Attack/Round Slay combo (complete torture)

    Penetrate, Tornado (a guaranteed S-Rank, especially against either Sil'fer or any first tier COM deck)

    Defense Action:
    Depends on character (not listing these ones)

    Assist: Dice Fever+. A guaranteed 6-6 is a godsend.

    Least Favorite:

    Hunter: Viviana. She ROYALLY sucks. 1 TP and BTR? Eww...

    Arkz: Creinu. Even with her HP Assist, her stats (even the increased ones) suck.

    Item: Too many to list.

    Creature: Too many to list.

    Attack Action: Thread+. Usually, if you're using MV shrinkers, you'll be using Nests, and fighting at a range. Plus, you'll probably be Arkz.

    Defense Action: Too many to list.

    Assist: God Whim. There's an extremely good chance the assist it plays either sucks or will help your opponent.
    Kyousei - 21 Fnewm

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