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    I recently tried installing drivers to get my new Motorola V710 to connect to my computer. Well since the phone is quite new, the USB drivers arnt actually out yet. I tried using the T720 drivers and that didnt work so then I let windows pick the drivers it wanted to. This set set up the up the phone as communication class control interface device. It also tried setting up as a test command device and several other things. Now even my T720 which was allready set up and working perfectly cant connect to my PC anymore.

    When I try to connect it to the USB cable it keeps saying that it found new hardware and trys to install it as those things listed above. Whats worse is when I connect my V710 it doesnt even find it as new hardware and I can't figure out how to get those damn drivers out and undo these changes. I tried doing a system restore but it's all still in there. Does anyone know a way to get the drivers out of there, or at least revert the system so they are gone?

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    Do you remember what any of the drivers are named, as in the actual driver file?

    If you do, try searching for it in Windows Search. When you find it, delete it.

    If you don't, give me a second, I had to do this a while ago, but need to remember what I needed to do.

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    if the phone was meant to connect to the computer, I assume it came with software of some sort ? Probably a cd fell out somewhere.

    .. oh and windows xp sucks

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