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    so far i think i have seen one or two xbox players on this site. in november of this year i might be able to play online(if my grades are good). if there are any xbox live players out there maybe we can level up or something?

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    I'm on X-Box Live!
    Gamertag is Anwserman.

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    Im on Xbox Live... but I am in the UK so there is probably less chance you will see me.

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    well i look for you in november if i do good in school and i will ad you to my friends list. my sister yanked the xbox live wire out of the xbox

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    Ged you are a legit L200 who plays on XBOX Live Europe? I thought I would have noticed you before, there's only like 40 people in our Garnet ship most of the time lol.

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    thats okay ged just tell me wgat time you play and ill do the whole math thing with the times.

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    Ive thought about getting into xbox pso. i play gc pso strictly offline unless some new quests pop up. I didnt really like the online community on GC. I much rather prefer the dreamcast ones. So I may get the game soon. ill let u know.

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    I'm on Xbox Live, but I dont play PSO on Xbox...anymore.

    Gamertag: Link00seven

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    ok xjustsumloser i hope yo u do get it. link00seven i play other games to but ill definetly add u and awnserman, i normally play ghost recon iisland thunder and mechassault

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