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    okay well heres my story. i used a hacked mag to boost my character on pso x, it eased the pain of having to level up and i died less....anyways at level 30 i decided enough was enough and took it off and decided to play legit. does the hacked item like 'brand me' and make it so i cant find rares even though i got rid of the item or what? i dunno if its harder or what to find rares lately but when i used to play i used to find dozens of rares. now i cant find crap diddly if anything can help me please gimme a aIm Message or reply to the thread =/

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    no, it doesn't "brand" your char. As long as your char isn't using a "hacked" mag, the drops will return to normal.

    Also, try keeping your questions to one thread. There isn't really any reason to post the same question twice

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    Good question.


    I thought it only stopped it on PSO+? Does it do the same for GCN?

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    No it doesnt do the same for PSO 1&2. Just put your hacked mag in your bank then quit and start a game with your legit mag.

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    im on xbox o_o

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    I'm pretty sure the Xbox version drops can't be affected by hacked items. I've been in several rooms with creators that use hacked items,even Mod-chippers,and the drops remain the same.

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    I had a hacked mag. It was level 1304 with about 340 levels for each stat that i got from a friend who can go online. But i traded it to my cousin for tons of rares after my friends and i messed up transfering our chars. and had to cancel the transfer on my char. causing me to lose all my items. Later my cousin told me the mag prevents rares from dropping but when un equipprd has no effect .... so no the effect doesn't stay. Who finds that many rares at Lv. 30 anyways
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    Theory has it (XBOX and possibly PSO+ from what I've read here and otherwise), if the room creator meets following criteria:

    Any mag over level 200 (1304 for example)
    Stacked items (weapons seemingly only)

    Will negatively affect the drop rate to 1/32,000 or thereabouts. Not having any of the sort, I can't vouch for that one way or another, but if you'd eventually like to find any of the red boxes, bank your hacked mag, (power down if you're the paranoid type), and create the room yourself with a legit mag.

    I've no clue whether or not hacked weapons (127% hits) will affect drop rates, but dupes seemingly has no effect on it one way or another (AFAIK, I'm very certain that several items are duped but not 127%'d).

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    It's Not a theory.
    It's a fact.

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    Thanks for the confirm, I wasn't totally sure what the conditions were, but knew at the least these conditions had to be met by the game creator.

    Any other conditions that triggers this condition?

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