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    After scanning those pics from the Book Of Hunters, I went for a look for any new info on Episode I&II and found this on

    "The three main character classes of previous PSO games are available here, each with a new, fourth being to choose from. There are also two brand new classes, giving you a slew of new characters to select and mold into your identity of choice."


    Is this just Sega Of America getting their facts mixed up? Surely Sonic Team wouldn't add anything more to the game! But after the unveiling of the new lobby themes and bosses, maybe they have one BIG surprise left?

    If Episode I&II gets any better I'm in danger of having a heart-attack before we even get to the release day!

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    I read that yesterday (?) and I assumed it was Sega (of America) getting the facts mixed up. But if it turns out to be right, joy! ^__^

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    Does seem very odd wording, I wouldn't describe the 3 new characters as 'a slew of new characters to choose from'!

    The '2 brand new classes' seems to imply something other than just Hunter, Ranger, Force doesn't it? And therefore probably 4 types of those 2 new classes, to match the existing ones.

    So another 8 characters, bringing the total to 20?! Now that *would* be a slew of new characters, but surely this can't be right!

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    Anyhow they have this as an extra this game'll be big among PSO fans...REALLY big...

    *waves goodbye to half of his social life again*

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    Mrawr, some people in IRC thought that was just misworded, but two extra class is too fooked up [email protected]=.

    Musk cat class!

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    I can't seem to de-code this correctly.Am I reading this too fast or is there REALLY gonna be 2 brand new classes to play with?I hope they didn't misplace that info >.>

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    If it was worded correctly, it would also mean that there would be a HUmarl...

    original 3 classes

    One extra char for each class

    2 new classes?
    I have no clue what the 2 new classes could be...

    Anybody remember back to the earlier phantasy stars and their characters?

    Too bad it's most likely a typo...

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    it would be cool if this wasnt a typo... but it most likely is one.

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    let the speculation begin...
    to be very basic...i'd guess a new tank class and a new magic-user class. Maybe a hybrid or something....but 2 new classes? wow..never expected this... seems like everyone's been creaming their panties over the FOmar, HUcaseal, and RAmarl already

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