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    Phantasy Star Online for the Xbox , any info would help...
    like when will it come out??

    I played it at E3, it was great,
    and No Typing !!!!!!!!!!!

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    i dunno

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    Fall 2002
    Xbox live was announce on X' will launc on Nov 15. And it is a simultaneous world wide release...and since PSo is included in starter kit in Japan, then it should be on Nov they are just waiting for ST to finish PSO so they can launch Xbox Live.

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    Xbox live is worldwide release?? I heard march 2003 in europe

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    There was a sign-in for Xbox Live! beta testers last month in France.
    So I don't think it'll be march 2003

    just my 2 euro cents

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    considering i live in aus, where there is basically no BB service here... i severely doubt that it will be a worldwide release...
    we prob wont see it for another yr or so..
    and i think the same goes for euro. =/

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    Well, Europe always seems to get screwed over on game releases for some reason.

    ProTip: To damage your credibility, simply call any of the Phantasy Star games "massively-multiplayer."

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    The only game I can think of that had been released in Europe first is Shenmue II. Nothing else comes to mind, at least no other good games that is. We get screwed over really bad.

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