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    so the elenore and elenoa mags are banned but what item was used to make them before they were banned? what mg cell i mean and how do i get custom pics for me avatar like the one Ketchup has for instince (sry for off topic part)

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    I'm sick of people asking "Is my (Weapon) hacked?" So im making this post.

    1. If any of your weapon Percents are 127%

    2. Your special Weapon has an extra attack different from its usual (for example, a frozen shooter with a burning extra attack, and yes, i have seen one)

    3. All dark flows, bridges, and meteors are hacked. No one has ever found a Parasitic Gene 'flow' using any legit means.

    4. Mags that are higher than level 200 are hacked.
    some mags are level 200 and still hacked. A mag always has a base of 5 defense, if there is 200 in any stat, the mag is hacked. in Version 3 or BB

    In DC, it is possible to have a mag with 200 in any stat, but that its DC version, and it is impossible for you to transfer. So on GCN, BB, and XBOX, you cannot have a mag with 200 in any stat

    5. Mags that have strange photon blasts are hacked. This goes along with the 200+ level mag. I have seen mags with grants and megid as a photon blast, as well as 3 pillas. Those mags are hacked.

    And now the No rare drops

    If you have a hacked mag or stacked items, rares WILL NOT appear. Its does not matter if your brothers friends cousin fouund a rare. They are a liar or using ar. You will not find any rares.
    If you do not have a hacked mag or stacked items, then you are just unlucky.

    Hopefully the next person with a question will see this, and their question will be answered.
    Also if i missed anything, please post it

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    AFAIK DC versions Mag with a single 200 Stat is possible.
    (they also start not with DEF of Lv.5)

    You should add that.

    Or you should say you talking about Version 3 or BB

    Otherwise it could give confusions.

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    And don't forget the stickies where all this is mentioned. Specifically intended to answer any questions about these matters.
    I have little faith that anyone missing or ignoring those stickies, before posting a question that's answered there or here, will take a peek in this topic.

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    Stll, im sick of people asking about hacked stuff.
    THey don't read the stickies, so hopefuly they will see this

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    Oh yeah, lol, this is the first time I read this.. but the whole deal about hacked Sealed J-Swords not being unsealable is untrue.

    I can create a Sealed J-Sword with any amount of kills I want, really. Perfectly unsealable when the appropriate additional kills are met... I can even make it so that it's immediately able to be unsealed.

    Quite a few people can, actually, they just need to do it. =P

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    actually some items can be obtained through glitches, but not hacked. Does this make them legitimate. A good example is the glitch where extremely rarely a character starts with abnormal stuff on them. if they started with a rare is it legit or unlegit?

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    On 2005-07-16 22:01, Arislan wrote:
    On V2 (100% sure), a tekked item that had hit and was modded (up or down) by tekking will not show hit. I'm not sure about GC, however. If someone is willing to check into the veracity of this (finding a 5-10% hit weapon and tekking it down) and looking at it, then trading it, it would be appreciated.
    I would like to argue this statement. V2 on DC, I have a Red Handgun that was -10% hit untekked, now shows a 0% on hit.

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    i heared something about the flowen sword. that if the blade has a "moving energy" kinda look (like the brother hood sword in ffx) that its not real, its just a copy. is this tru?

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    Could they add the PSU legit S ranks maybe?

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