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    I was very lucky to get in on the beta program, i only hope they get us PSO...
    If they do ill let u know asap . . .

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    I thought that the offical beta testers arn't chosen intill september...

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    On 2002-08-23 11:21, Shadow_Blade wrote:
    I thought that the offical beta testers arn't chosen intill september...
    You thought wrong . . . heh

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    Ummm...we dont get really chosen yet... it's sometime before September 20th I believe, not yet.

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    thought re-volt was the only beta-title so they can get all the technical problems taken care of...
    that and PSO isn't even listed as one of the 7 US launch titles

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    Some beta testers were already chosen. There are more that are going to be picked. People will know that they didn't get picked on september 20th when the selection period ends.

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    sorry to burst your bubble buddy but beta testers will be playing nfl fever 2003

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    There are 5000 Beta Testers Playing Live as we speek with 1000 added each week for 5 weeks. They will only be playing Fever, Revolt and NFL2k3(must buy this one) until October when they will add at least one more test title. General oppinion is that it will be UC.

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