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    Starting with this month, we are going to be using a monthly thread system for some of PSOW's most popular threads. This will help to reduce the server load and keep things organized. Once October rolls around, this thread will be locked and a new one started! You can find the old Days's Find thread here.

    So have at it!

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    Erm... Last Survivor AGAIN
    God/HP (YAY my 4th)

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    Human After All
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    Does this work now?


    Greenill Normal-Hard modes in two days' time.

    Delsaber's right arm
    Delsaber's left arm
    Varista x3
    Blade dance
    Al rappy x2
    Inferno Bazooka x2
    Rappy's wing

    Blue Burst is cool.

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    Beyond good and evil


    Created my Hucaseal Alisil last night on BB. Decided to do 1-1 before I went to bed, and look what shows up.

    I don't know what the rate is on normal, but geez.
    Perhaps it's a good sign? I hope so.

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    Past 2 days:
    God Power (hunted)
    L&K Combats, Kamui(hildetorr) and Windmill(mil lily) while hunting yas9000m with my new friend Reza.
    amp of gifoie and zonde
    diska of braveman
    double saber
    light relief (hunted)
    custom ray
    sacred cloth 3 slots (hunted)
    Justy gov quest reward 0/25/0/0/25
    Nar lily gave me 2138 meseta instead of a Custom Barrier

    Last thing is a devil battle I got in a random game. I asked when I got there if anybody was looking for anything in particular. They made some weird comment. So when I found it and told them, one guy said "Hey I called that". The other guy said "He wasnt here when you said that". So I gave it to the guy and he gave me and sbeats arm.

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    I think it's in the thousands... I know for a Gobooma it's like one in 20,000... which I actually found once..

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    Heh, actually found some stuff worth mentioning.
    Red Handgun 0/15/0/0/25
    Diska of Braveman 0/25/0/15/0
    Brave Armor & Hyper Frame (4 slots)

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    Booma's Right Arm in Normal is 1/8630ish..... congrats? XD


    Viridia Lost Ice Spinner:
    1x Gae Bolg (Vulmer)

    Viridia Lost Heat Sword:
    1x Angry Fist (El Rappy)
    1x Final Impact (Bartle)

    Viridia VH Crater:
    1x Photon Drop (Ze Boota >_>)

    w00t, bad day.

    HUnewearl power since 2003

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    Kecleon Inc


    Randomly soloed ET with my FOmar(No plus remember -.-)

    Gi gue's body, del lily PD(Thankfully it wasn't one of the better tower IDs)

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