View Poll Results: As the title says, what caused you to fall in love with Phantasy Star, be it online or offline. Was

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    Christmas 1989.

    The previous summer i was given a Genesis, and now my parents were giving me the choice of receiving an early present, and i guess i made the lucky choice. Over breakfast at Perkins, i opened my gift, saw the John C Berkey inspired cover painting and the golden typeface reading 'Phantasy Star II'. The box showed screenshots of anime cutscenes that reminded me of my first television obsession, Robotech, and i was hooked. Not to mention the fact that it included a mini hint guide with maps and artwork. All for $80.

    During the next 7 or 8 months, i spent agonising hours levelling up, exploring, dying, resetting, and watched the tragedy unfold, both horrified and delighted. the characters, the music, the story, it all seemed to fit so well to me [who, being 11, could forgive things like engrish as a matter of course], and the experience culminated in that last hopeless battle, when the heroes, valiant and defiant, faced certain death head-on. It was as the end credits rolled that i knew i had been a part of something special.

    That's where it started for me.

    Thanks Sega. Thanks mom and dad.

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    I had a Sega MasterSystem as a kid, and my parents bought it for my sister for Christmas in '89 because it had a female lead character. They figured she would enjoy it more, while I got the GhostBusters game (loved GhostBusters back then).

    Turns out she didn't, but I liked it. Though I didn't really appreceate what I was playing until going over to a friend's house and having him try to show off Final Fantasy I to me. (I was much more engrossed by Quest for Glory for the PC, which was an Adventure/RPG light-years ahead of anything being done on consoles at the time, even Phantasy Star)

    Wha... wait a second, the 16-bit sequel to an 8-bit game which looks, plays, and tells a much better storyline (through cutscenes, with strong characterization) is already out... and you want me to be impressed by THAT? hahahaah....

    So I went back around 1991 and got on the local BBS's for hints and advice. played through it... and was thoroughly hooked. Shortly afterward I got a Genesis as a reward for deciding to give up a family vacation to New York in order to take care of some kittens the dead-beat momma cat had left in the freezing cold. Though Quest for Glory was still at the top of my game list each Christmas and Birthday - Phantasy Star II, III, and IV were just below it.

    Been a fan ever since.

    (Though I'm still a bit more of a fan of QFG than PS. )

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    was bored with the n64, wanted to pick a dc up, got a nice bundle secondhanded (and in very good shape).... then it all began.
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    Well, good to see ppl have a variety of stories to tell. Im also proud to see some ppl have roots in playing older PS games. Ill keep it a short msg & if you want more details, feel free to ask. For now, Ill say that my 1st official non-paper, non-text, non-computer, non-arcade video game console RPG was...

    Phantasy Star, Sega Master System, 1987/88

    Yep. The beginning was the beginning for me as well. True, I love a variety of types of games & series (if you want to know, PM me & Ill tell ya). However, you never forget your first love: Alis Landale and her creator, Rieko Kodama.

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    Wouldn't call it love per se, but I have enjoyed the 3 years that I have been playing. PSOGC is where I started with the series. It was more the people I met than the game itself that I have come to like though. I picked up the Phantasy Star Collection when it came out and... never got into any of the games really. I'm sure I would have enjoyed them but I just... didn't connect with any of the characters. PSU looks promising and I'm hoping it turns out well.

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    I feel in love with Phantasy Star back when I was 11 or 12. My cousin had obtained Phantasy Star II & III, and though I didn't understand the concept behind the games at the time, they were rather entertaining, in any case. Eventually he gave the games to me, and I played them both through, proper.

    I will say right now, that terms of concepts at the very least, Phantasy Star II has the best ending of any game I have ever encountered.

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    Phantasy Star I, Sega Master System, when I was in 2nd or 3rd grade then..
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    Uhhh...because it looked good?
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    None of the above. My friends made me buy it..and then i just started liking it. I was originally offline, then moved to online. However, PSU will be starting off online...and who knows, i might play offline too XD

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    I never played any Phantasy Star games. I was online and I came across PSO on and it looked kind of cool so I told my mom to get it for me. I knew nothing about it.(I though it was a normal rpg).

    What I like about PSO is how well you can get into te game and how theres a lot of possibilities. You can have a humar, or a ramar, or fonewm, or you can play to get to lv.200 or play to find this weapon or that weapon and you can play with friends.

    It really is a fun game whether your playing online, offline solo, or with friends., you'll have fun with it and it was well worth the money. So I guess thats what inspired me to love PSO.

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