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    Default PSO: Missing/Wrong Drop Rates and other Item Database Issues

    Please post any items that are missing drops rates, or have an error in one of the rates. Also, this can be used to point out errors in spacing (drop rates should not have any spaces between the numbers on this site; it should be x/yyy, not x / yyy) and for noting rates that are still listed as %s (we are moving to full fractions). Please point what is wrong with the listing (such as: no drop rate, spaces, or possible wrong number).

    This thread can also be used to post any other PSO related corrections that should be made. This includes grind info and guides.
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    Yasminkov 3000R - Done
    Yasminkov 2000H - Done
    Windmill - Done
    Wals-MK2 - Done
    Vjaya - Done
    Visk-235W - Done
    Victor Axe - Done
    Varista - Done
    Twin Brand - Done
    Technical Crozier - Done
    Storm Wand: Indra - Done

    I don't know the rates, but here are a few. The snow effect is making it difficult to tab-browse the site.

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    Episode 2 box finds should probably be redone, long story. I'm available for chat if you need more information.

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    I read it on PSOW, so it must be true
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    It's kind of related, but not... OVERLY the specificness.

    In related guides for Akiko's Frying Pan, it shows a link to get the Ep3 card version of it, which we probably don't want in the Episode 1, 2 and 4 section

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    Thanks PJ, I've fixed it.

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    God/Battle - Done

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    Brightness Circle - Done

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    DF Field - Done

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    Also this thread can be used for wrong Grind info and other wrong item data. If you can, check some other PSO boards for links to here and see if any comments point out errors.

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    I was bored, and went through the Armours/Shields, all of them and found any drop rates that any item was missing. I may have missed an item, only human, unlike Ryna ;o

    Attribute Wall
    Bluefull, redria, whitill, purplenum 1/366, hard Meriltas
    Purplenum 1/901, ultimate Meriltas

    Aura Field
    Pinkal 1/3,414, ultimate temple Del D

    Custom Barrier ver.00
    Viridia 1/366, very hard Meriltas

    DB's Shield
    Greennill 1/760, ultimate Pofuilly Slime
    Puprlenum 1/27, very hard mines Gillchic

    Electro Frame
    Redria 1/1,051, ultimate spaceship Gillchich

    Flowen's Frame
    Bluefull 1/901, ultimate Meriltas

    Guard Wave
    Redria 1/1,896, ultimate Pofuilly Slime
    Whitill 1/3,794, ultimate Pofuilly Slime

    Light Relief
    Oran 1/366, hard Meriltas

    Luminous Field
    Yellowboze 1/1,206, ultimate forest Hildelt
    Skyly 1/1,707, ultimate Sinow Blue

    Rico's Glasses
    Whitill 1/1,463, ultimate ruins Del D

    S-Parts ver2.01
    Viridia, Greennill, Skyly, Redria, Oran, Whitill 1/10,640 normal mines Gilchic

    Spirit Garment
    Purplenum 1/1,051, ultimate temple Del D

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