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    Not a huge issue, but up near the top, it says that this page is part of the c.a.r.d. database. >> Cards: Item Cards >> Frozen Shooter
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    I'm pretty sure this is the right place...

    On the "Guides > Rare Items Specific To 1 Section ID" page, the current link to 'bluefull only' HP/Revival redirects to HP/Restorate.

    The listing for HP/Revival can be found here.

    It's probably a moot point anyhow, seeing as how five additional Section IDs can find HP/Revival as well. HP/Restorate isn't bluefull-exclusive either.(or rare, for that matter)

    Also, the HP/Restorate page links to the "Rare Items Specific To 1 Section ID" page at the bottom, but the HP/Revival page does not. (edit: struck that last bit; also a moot point. glad I read my post again)

    Hope I helped. I'm sooo tired atm. Many apologies if the links don't work.
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    I noticed that Elysion under the Pinkal Ultimate Forest Drop Charts, enemy is Hildelt, is missing a drop rate. GameCube Episode 1 & 2 non-plus. Is it not known what the drop rate is?

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    Windmill for PSO Gamecube and later versions. The item database says it gives +50 DFP. This is an error. The Windmill does not give any DFP.

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    For V101, you have the description read that it gives a +1 ATA boost, while the stat listings show a +2. I believe that the description is correct, so the stat listings should be changed to show this.

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    The v101 gives +1.5 ata, not +1 ata only. Although you can't see the 0.5 physically, ingame exists.

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    Also, this can be used to point out errors in spacing (drop rates should not have any spaces between the numbers on this site

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    It feels weird to revive such an old thread, but I figured I might as well. I was browsing the item comparison part of the epi. 1, 2, and 4 part of the site, and when I clicked on rifle (needle) it turned up no results. This was the case whether I was browsing the epi 1 & 2 or the vers. 2 variants. Is anyone else having this issue?

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