There was some major staff changes today after some decisions made by Gideon himself and me.

First off in the changes is the removal of Watashiwa as a site administrator. There is a long story about this on so I will try to sum it up for you all. Watashiwa has given a lot of work to psow since its conception and also since Watashiwa and I re-took the site over. His work over the time will always be appreciated by myself as well as Gideon and you the community. There has been some conflicts, though, in the last month or so I will say.

One of the main reasons for his removal is his plan to produce his own PSOW type site while insisting he stay an admin on PSOW. Any rational person would find that reasoning to be unreasonable. Further more he feels no one in the site is in position to question his desire to seek that route. I beg to differ on that option. Gideon was approached about the situation and what has come to be: his final decision was the absolute removal of Watashiwa as an admin.

By my appreciation, Watashiwa will keep all credit for work he has done for the site. He will not lose his account because I do respect all that he has done and will always, as should you, the community.

This main staff change that occured is Gideon's final decision. We have some more positive changes going into effect that I feel you all will enjoy and the community of PSOW as a whole will benefit from. We are tring to rebuilt the community and with this make everyone more involved. Our aim is to make PSOW the best PSO community out there.

There will be a council of 3 Admins formed to decide on issues for the site. This council will be made up of myself, SaladWood, and Lolita. We will be hiring at least 2 new moderators, and moderators are going to be made forum specific of their duties and powers for that matter.

There will be several teams made up of you, the members of our insiteful and dedicated community. The teams will include but not be limited to: Editorial, News, Screenshots, and Items. These teams will all be formed of members of our community. It's time the quality of this site be dictated by the members and we feel you, the community, will show this quality.

Many revamps to the sites features and coding which I myself have already been working on this week and have a long todo list setup for the rest of things. New sections will be opening up to complete the content we have on the site. The item database will be revamped to handle the necessary info with the coming new versions.

Many more changes are being talked about and we encourage you to step up and become a part of these changes.

I thank you for taking your time to read this and hope you will find the new ideals to be benefiting to yourself.

We are working hard to make Gideon's vision of a flourishing comminuty, based soley on its members, come true.

Have a good day.

eRUPT - Head Admin - PSOWorld