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    On 2002-09-24 17:12, RavenTW wrote:

    Took me a minute to remember...the castle that's by the big lake/sandtrap (been a while since I played). Yeah, I just avoid all the baddies so I can get to the dude. I got the Laserclaw and Lasersword (MASSIVE damage), but my butt (I don't like to cuss) gets handed to me everytime I take him on.
    I don't remember what chars you have at that point, but use Saner and then Deban if you can right at the start...Vision, if you have it, can also help...after that, just toss out the biggest combos and/or raw damage skills you have, use TP for healing when needed (unless you have something like a Na-level attack by that point...I haven't played the game in a year, so I dunno if you do. Gi-level techs are alright, but still not THAT great.)

    Other than that...general strategy: If it boosts your stats somehow (especially never go into a boss fight without using this, if you can), go for it round 1...round 2 and on, have macros set up to toss out your most powerful combos reliably, and use manual commands for when you need to heal (or you start running out of skill uses/TP). the strategy...Noah is Lutz! Bad Sega of America translators! Bad! No biscuit!

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