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    I have not played PSO since the original on DC, but i remember all the little messages and stuff that would come up when something was "wrong" (ex- you currently posess an illegal item...etc etc and must delete it in offline mode etc etc) Well those messages happened to me from items i traded for that i thought were legit. I myself had never cheated and was very upset about this. So my question is...are there still messages like this in the GC version (which i am buying) or are you left to guess weather or not your items that you are trading for are tainted or not. I dont wanna be stuck using only the rare I find. I think trading is supposed to be part of the fun of an online game and just dont wanna get burned again. If anyone has any info or anything on the subject it would be much appreciated.

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    No messages like that in GC version. Not yet, anyways...

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    On 2002-09-28 13:36, armadaoptimus wrote:
    i remember all the little messages and stuff that would come up when something was "wrong" (ex- you currently posess an illegal item...etc etc and must delete it in offline mode etc etc)
    There is absolutely no way that the game can detect the difference between a legit item, and a dupe of said legit item. The only reason you'd get that message was from a hacked weapon, something that would NEVER be able to be found legitly. Stuff like +255 grinded weapons, or banned (in v1 at least) weapons like Nei's Claw and Egg Blaster

    In GC PSO, item mod/hacked weapons don't exist yet. Any dupes originated from legit items, which is why you won't get that message

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    Thats really too bad...because that keeps the people like me afraid to trade for fear of having to delete our items later down the line because some guy duped/hacked em. I hated that in the first pso and that really was a big part of why i really cut down the time i played online. Thank you very much for the info.

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    So its only items that are basically impossable to find in the game that are banned? I had a nei's claw in the game i think. That could explain the many error messages and stuff. I think that is so wierd that they cant tell the diff between a duped and the original. Thats a real stinker. ):

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    Each item only has one generic value assigned to it. If you have three saber+2's with the same attributes, PSO can't distinguish between them, like you and I can't distinguish between three identical plastic cups.

    There's no easy answer to this. In a perfect world, every single item would be serialized with an encrypted value, and the game would just never allow two items with the same value to exist in the same game. Your monomate and my monomate would have different serial numbers. This would be nearly impossible to actually do, given the rediculously high numbers that would need to be used. How many items do you think every PSO player ever has found? Millions? Billions? Trillions?

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    I supose your right...that would be very hard to do. I played everquest and camelot and they never had these sorts of problems because all your data is stored by them. Its too bad Sonic Team didnt opt to do that in PSO...but then again I guess you couldnt have an offline mode if they did that. Dammed if ya do and Dammed if ya don't i guess. Ya know when i first got online with PSO i had a guy give me a double saber and i thought that everyone just gave stuff to people...too bad it was probbably duped. Would have been nice if people were giving like that in a legit online world. Oh well (:

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    I have a new question.....If my friend had a cube and a PSO game would i be able to pull my mem card from game and take it over to his house and play my chars from my game on his cube/game either online or offline/multiplayer or are you limited to playing on the cube you put your disc information on?

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    I think it's just like it was on DC, so you can't do that, I believe. But I never tried it, so I donno....

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    That friend was gonna get this game to play with me...but he lives off student aid and cant afford the online...was hoping we could play together that way. O well. I can't wait to catch the fever again! (: I have the PC Demo to keep me occupied but you cant save...and that sux. Is there a newer version out where you can save or go past forest and dragon?

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