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    This thread is to be used for discussing the classic Phantasy Star series including the text games, remakes and compilations. If you have a question or comment to make about the PS series, it should be posted in this thread. Depending on the response this thread gets, PSO-World may decide to expand the concept or close the thread.

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    Well, to get the ball rolling...

    The Old Man: Myau, or just an Elder Muskcat?


    Anyone manage to get all characters in Phantasy Star II to level 50?

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    There is also a thread in FW for PSO-related information, in case some do not notice. ;]

    washuguy wrote:
    Any word on PSU release date? I reserved mine and the guy told me May 1st. But i want to see if anyone heard diffrent.
    washu, I think you misunderstood the thread. It's about PS games, on older Sega systems, not PSU. ;]
    Blink & you might miss it! ;3

    Oh, keep it 600x180 px & 49KB, yah?

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    I love the classic Phantasy Star games. I only wish I had gotten into them back when I was playing Squaresoft titles on my SNES. I feel like I missed out.

    Something I've noticed is that each PS seems to have it's own unique flow and charm. Even PSO had that going for it. Out of all the classics, I think I like Phantasy Star IV the most. I really like the little manga/comic book style cutscenes that added a lot of character to the story. I kinda felt like I was watching an anime or reading a comic sometimes and it gave the game a whole different charm and atmosphere.

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    Personally, my favorite is Phantasy Star II. It's not the best articulated of the bunch (though probably not the worst, eithcr), but hands down, it has the best story of the bunch, as well as the most dramatic ending.

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    I have some of the PS's emulated on my computer, but I haven't played them. I plan on trying 'em out once I get a bigger memory stick for my PSP and sticking them on there. PSO was really the first time I heard of the Phantasy Star series but from what I gather during the heated discussions around here that it has a pretty deep storyline. I'm looking foward to trying it out.

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    The Old Man is just an elder Muskcat. Nobody's ever said how long Muskcats live, but I'm willing to bet it isn't 2000 years.

    I'm inordinately fond of PSIV's character interaction.

    So, what's the stupidest fan theory you've ever heard?

    What would happen if you gave a numan a Laerma Nut?

    Who exactly are all those statues in the Esper Mansion in PSIV of? Alis? Why her and not Lutz, which considering the Espers' attitude towards him would make more sense?

    Why do the short squat furry things live on the desert planet, and the tall hairless lizard-looking things live on the ice planet? Was the Great Light having an off day when he/she/it created Algol?

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    To my recollection, I don't ever think I've ever heard the context of Laerma nuts outside of the first Phantasy Star.

    Perhaps that species of flora died out sometime after that. But then again, that doesn't explain the huge Muskcat in PSIV...

    I'm still around.

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    I haven't really had any time to play a PS game. Is one game better than another? For example, would you rather play 3 rather than 2? Or would you play them in order?

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    On 2006-03-12 20:47, Getintothegame wrote:
    I haven't really had any time to play a PS game. Is one game better than another? For example, would you rather play 3 rather than 2? Or would you play them in order?
    PSI is great, although simple and very basic. Mostly due to the fact that its an SMS game. Although at the time it was very innovative and very new. PSII is considered the best in the series. The story was amazing and the battle and game system were unheard of for its time. PSIII is considered the black sheep of the PS family. It was good but it didnt play as well as the other games did. The story was good too, but it only really served as a side story and set up to PSII. PSIV was really the shining gem in terms of graphics and game play. There were a lot of cool innovations put into that game, including the still cut scene chat skits and the combo system. I would play em in order though. That way you can get a feel of where they came from and where they are going.

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