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    I had security at a hospital surround my car when I was playing PSO in my car. I didn't really notice them because at first it was raining and it was the perfect excuse to use my portable lcd. Then when I explained it to them and all they heard was Nintendo and started laughing, I guess they thought I was too old, wtf?

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    You were playing PSO in your

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    WHILE you were driving? Or not?

    The first case would be believable if security surrounded your car. And how were you playing in your car anyway? Portable screen?

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    On 2006-06-02 03:06, Tact wrote:
    And how were you playing in your car anyway? Portable screen?
    it was raining and it was the perfect excuse to use my portable lcd

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    Hah, nice. That is pretty funny. I can't say that i've had any surreal moments while playing PSO =/ heh

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    I don't know if I would call it surreal, but I've had some overwhelming moments in PSO . I was hunting Handgun:Guld when a sorc dropped a red box. I was so excited all I could yell (to my friend upstairs) was "Mrrougguhoshgklshdlk RED BOX!!!" Then I saw it was a photon drop.

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    LOL!! Surreal yeah!! I can recall one time on PSO-X one of my long time Pso friends was quiting so she gave me and the rest of our little group her stuff. Well I ended up getting an Angel harp with 15% hit and she used some PD's to give it some other %'s. So anyways about a week or so after she gave it to me I was playin' a game and I had do something really quick, so I got up and went to do it (chore), when I got back my brother was sitting on the couch watchijg Tv, and the x-box WAS OFF! guess what, no more angel harp! So anyway after that devastating event, I looked on the drops and saw Skyly could find it the Easiest, which was agood thing because one of my main chars was a skyly. Ok so I start to pipe the rappies and I'm so excited because each time I see a rappy I think "Okay this is it, I know you have it", but time after time I would get a flame barrier, or money , but thats not the surreal part. Okay so I finally pipe another rappy, and I was thinking 122 my ass, when on my like 8th rappy I slaughtered it ready to get a flame barrier when it dropped a red box!! !!!OMG!!! I was excited because though I'm not the luckiest person in the world I hardly ever get Pd'd. So I walk over to the box and it reads "SPECIAL WEAPON" I was going crazy, LOL! Then I was so tired of piping it I said " FINALLY!!", and then I cut the power off and went upstairs....wait.....did...I..... did I SAVE!!!!!!!????? OMFGFFGFDFFSSSSSSSAFEFREAWRRRAWFRJJ RPWE! Thats it!

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    When i found a Lavis Cannon.

    I was jumping up and down.

    Just cuz it usually takes really long to find but i found it pretty quick.

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    It was quite surreal the other week,
    I sat playing offline not seriously hunting just running through ult ruins for the first time with my Skyly, also was talking to a friend on msn, and we were talking about what i should go hunting.
    He jokely said how about a lavis cannon? I said ok, who does it drop from in Skyly, he said ah, maybe not its a 1/25207 drop from a Del D you should make a redria insted. I said ok, ill do that later.
    Then a Red box appears, saw it was a blade and though it had dropped from the Arlan which was next to a Del D. Looked at the stats and it had 35 hit, so i said to my friend, oooh a high hit Dragon slayer, we were joking about and about how amazing it was etc. Then i finish Ruins go back and Tekk it and there it was, a Lavis Cannon.
    now it has 45 hit and 30 native (i think) and looks so good on my Huney (who is all dressed in purple )
    It was really Surreal that we were talking about it, then it drops!

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    i don't know if this is surreal, but i was looking for Al Rappy's for about 30 minutes, used over 1000 tp using reyuker, and found one, it dropped money... i tried again later, for another 30 minutes... finally i used up all my tp and decided to quit after going to the clinic. I used my last reyuker to go back, and there were two Al Rappies! both of them gave me special weapons too, along with some materials i found from other rappies that were int he same group. It worked out pretty good the second time...

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