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    I live in nyc and i called almost every eb and etc in the city. They assume that PSO wont be in till wed and not tomorrow because vice city is coming out tomorrow and they will be super busy.
    3 out of 5 etc i talked to said is coming out holloween or the 1st of november.

    But the eb i go to said they may get it tomorrow which is good news.

    Anyone in the city area may fine this useful.

    The eb i go to is on boradway in SoHo

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    I live in Pennsylvania, I reserved it at EB, I assume they will be getting it on Wensday. I dont see why they wouldnt.
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    i have mine reserved and pre-paid at EB.

    i called earlier today just to make sure it was still coming (i was bored, i need PSO dammit...) anyway, they said it was coming on the 30th. i can't wait. i'm gonna skip work that day, and since i go to school half-days everyday, i'm gonna be online before all the kids ^_^. i'm going to school because its probably the only way i'll be able to be up by the time the store opens.

    stay in school.

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    I reserved a copy from They still report the shiping date as the 29th. I was hoping it would ship today and I would get it tomorrow, but now that doesn't seem very likely. I had ordered my modem adaptor from the same place. The shipping date for that was listed on the 22nd, and actually shiped on the 21st. Alas, I will have to wait until wednesday afternoon to get my PSO...

    ...if all goes acording to plan.

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    I reserved mine at Software Etc... I hope it comes soon! XD

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    mines reserved at gamespot. they also said the 30th so only 1 more day to go !!!

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    Default with ebgames too with next day air shipping i expect mine on wednesday

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    I ordered my game and modem from and i won't be expecting it till next monday at the the way, what does XD mean?

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    My Eb says Wednesday the 30th. This is in Tucson AZ.

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    Default says it ships the 29th, and my EB has a habit of telling me that it's sold the day after, so it's likely the 30th.

    Although I probably won't get mine until the 1st of November (payday stuff).
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