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    Welcome to August's incarnation of the "Day's Finds" thread. You can find last month's thread here.

    All item findings/unsealings should be posted in this thread. This will help to collect all item findings into one thread and avoid cluttering up the forum.

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    Technically I found it in July (yesterday), but I guess it doesn't really matter. I found a Anti-Android Rifle 0/5/5/15. Finally Migium dropped it in VR Spaceship.

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    Custom Barrier from a La Dimenian in VH Yellowbose Temple, Diska of Liberator and Light Relief from Redria VH Temple. I 'm looking for God/Luck and God/Power.... '.'

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    courage is solid
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    mountain area!!!! destroying gibbles's way of life


    got a disca of liberator on vhard cca from a gee, and found a db saber from a gol drgon box sold it, also a kaladbolg with cool percents and a cush bullet 2 0abeast
    ratchel-fonewearl-138, chaostorm-hunewearl-152, kairi-ramarl-135, cloud-humar-62 amateratsu hucast 42 darksonic -racast 64

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    ~35 more half whitill HS, nothing but a worthless guilty light and silence claw.
    Milla hunting has to be among the most boring things I've ever done on pso; forest is simply too easy, even with a lv 132 fomar.
    Tollaw kill count is rising fast at least..~2500 in just the past 3 or 4 days. (Yeah I obsess) *goes to do a few more runs*

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    I actually found them yesterday. I found 2 photon drops making a run in caves. On the same run I finally got a Technical Crozier from a Crimson Assassin.

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    Yesterday I found these:
    1 G-Assassin Arms
    3x Rappy's wing
    2x Diska of Liberator
    1 Diska of Braveman
    1 Red Dagger
    Materials as always.
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    i found a Bravace yesterday and another dragosn claw. I also found a Gae Bolg fianlly after searching in the Mines in Ult. Im a yellowboze by the way

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    Started a Yellowboze character. Lv. 27 and rising. Hard Caves yielded Grass Assassin Arms.

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    Well, this is gonna make some of you angry, but this is from Pioneer Spirits, Purple, VHard.

    x2 H/Power
    x1 H/Arm
    x1 H/Leg
    x1 PC
    x1 Striker Plus (from a few days ago)

    x2 Del Rappies
    x1 Dorphon Eclair
    x1 Panzuzu

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