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Thread: November 24th?

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    Just browsing and I noticed it says "The Battle Begins November 24th" also after the new English trailer bit it says "Coming November 2006".

    So have they delayed the release date a month I take it??

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    The site says "Begins October 24th".
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    European release date.

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    woooot!!! I was just asking myself when the EU release date would be there!! and I'm happy with this date

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    October 24th for me as well O.o""

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    Hell, even I don't friggin know.


    The 24th of November is probably the EU release date.

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    "The Battle Begins October 24"

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    well 24 oct for states and 24 nov for EU Then PSU will be out for every one soon..... but that makes me wonder what will happen to PSO????

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    hmm thats a good question. i bet theyll still run the servers for some time unless everyone stops playing or a large portion stops.

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    I hope then the Europian players will be grouped with us North American players!

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