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    PALGN is reporting that the PC, PS2 and Xbox 360 versions will come out October 31st in Australia.

    I've also looked at a few online Aussie game stores and they are giving the same dates.

    My next mission will be to nag my local store

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    Cool, even though im US if it means there's more people to play with it's awesome.

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    Australia is PAL right? Does that mean I can just import for my 360 and not have to wait till November 24th?

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    What store did you look? I live in the melbourne city. Do you know which store can I find PC version?
    EDIT: Thx, I saw your reply in other topic. so ,in the "Rush game", can I preorder PSU(PC) now? then I will go there soon.

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    On 2006-09-14 06:05, Darijuana wrote:
    Australia is PAL right? Does that mean I can just import for my 360 and not have to wait till November 24th?
    Yeah its PAL, so games from Australia will work fine on other PAL systems.

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    wow so they are getting it the same month too! That's great news.

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    I'm stupid but isn't the aussie version jus the US version? curious since i ordered from a canadian website and yeah.. lol

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    Hell, even I don't friggin know.


    That's a bit odd if you ask me. The rest of Europe is getting it on November yet Australia is getting it on the 31st?

    No offense, but aren't you guys like TONS of miles away? XD

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    I must admit that I am a little wary of the date being changed. But am hopeful it will stay Oct 31st so I don't have to bother importing the US PC version due to impatience

    Yes Australia is seemingly tucked away from the rest of the world and we usually get screwed over on game release dates as a result. I hope this time is different!

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    But isn't Australia closest to Japan?

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