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    Default PSO Screenshot Thread

    We're going to be dispensing with the monthly format for this thread series. Instead, this thread will be closed when it is deemed necessary. You can find the screenshot thread for September 2006 here. All PSO screenshots, Episode 1&2 and Blue Burst, should be posted here.

    Remember to be mindful of the screenshots you post and remember that this is a family-oriented site.

    Also, it is highly recommended that you keep your screenshots under 700 pixels wide. Anything larger than that will cause most forum members to have to scroll horizontally. If you want to post images larger than that, link to them using the url tags and provide a brief description of the screenshot.

    If you have a large number of screenshots, link to them using the url tags and provide a brief description.

    It is also recommended that you convert your images to JPG to keep the file sizes smaller. If you do not have the ability to resize or convert, try using this program:

    Posts that are not directly related to a picture or a question about a picture will be considered off-topic and dealt with according to the forum rules.

    If you need image hosting, you can use Getintothegame's server. As long as you use it for PSOW images only, you may use it. The tool is located here. Also, you may use it to submit pictures to the Item Database and Fan Works.

    If you have questions about taking screenshots, please consult these guides -
    Skorpius's Guide to Taking BB Screenshots
    Skorpius' Gamecube Snapshot Upload Guide
    US GC PSO Pictorial Walkthrough

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    "i tell ya, those 2....."

    {Theme: Infinite Legends}
    RadiantAim: When did you get here?
    LegendAim: Wow he actually leveled him
    LordAim: Hai gaiz

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    Only thing I need now is a 250+ EVP Kasami. well, and SJS >_>

    HUnewearl power since 2003

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    Good luck with that

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    Kitty the Tigergirl Aisha_Clan-Clan's Avatar
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    Tigerworld or Ragol


    Come in Pioneer 1... (Don't think I showed this before)

    Forest 1 with Mines textures(Tried to do the .gsl too, but wouln't work. Wanted Gillchic doors)

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    Salvo/FOnewm/61 (Bluefull) is not pictured at the moment.

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    We are soldiers, stand or die Jarek's Avatar
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    Beyond good and evil


    And 2 more mils; still 0 halo rappy. Lucky we have cakes.


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    Here's a video of me finding it

    <font size=-1>[ This Message was edited by: Starrz on 2006-10-02 09:48 ]</font>
    I still never got that autographed tumbler you promised me years ago PSO-World.

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    BITCHES!!!! its about time i found this, hunted for a long time and i still need to find the other half.
    O well, i got a nice 19x PD's before i found it, here's my milla.

    WoOt, take that tallows

    ahhh, the lovely percents of a good gun.

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    You must copy and paste the links into your adress bar; otherwise, it won't work.
    Yay, they're gone!
    I'm proud of my s-rank.
    Final challenge
    Praying to the holy one.
    Trouble is 'a brewin.'
    Ascension into heaven.
    Red Ringo (Wallpaper worthy. Really, its a good snapshot!)
    Lonely me. (funny pic)

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