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    Sorry if this has already beed posted.

    Sega have confirmed the monthly fee is $9.99 and can be accessed with a silver account.

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    Great, let's hope my birthday will be the only reason I need to convince my mom to pay the monthly fee. Either that or looks like I'm getting a job so I can get my own credit card. Being 18 and not having my own sucks anyway. D:

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    There doesn't seem to be anything about using Microsoft Points, so one might assume it isn't an option, unfortunately.
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    Cool FAQ! It was actually written by a native English speaking person!

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    Also, look at this from the FAQ:

    We're glad you asked that question. We'll be having regular updates, just like the Japanese version. In addition to the new quests and events that would be added regularly, we'll also be constantly adding new content, including new maps, new items for your character's Room, new clothes to help your character strut his stuff, new enemies and bosses, and new weapons and SUV attacks. In addition to this constant stream of new stuff, we'll be offering an expansion pack down the line, crammed with even more adventures and goodies!
    I wonder if this refers to the additional Illumines no Yabou missions, or something else entirely?

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    Wait, I don't see anything about registering for a GUARDIANS licsence. At what point do I select my subscription type? Is it after I put in all the credit card info and stuff?

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    You can't register for a Guardian's License yet... you don't need one for the 360 demo, and the game isn't out yet, so they haven't put up the registration for it yet.

    When it is available, you'll be able to purchase one via the Playsega site just like a Hunter's License for BB.

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    You know for them to post in that FAQ that you cannot play PSU with people on the Gamecube, dreamcast, or original Xbox, they would have had to have gotten quite a few e-mails asking whether PSO was compatible with PSU. If they read any information on the game I would believe that they would know this... I guess teachers don't get paid enough to teach higher order thinking skills.

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    Will it also be $9.99/month for PC and PS2?
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    nice its 9.99 which is a decent and constant price for pso.

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