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    I have written rules for a PSO tabletop RPG... like the kind you sit around a table with dice and pizza and play with friends. Would it be okay to place a link to that here?

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    I think that'd be all-right, but I'm going to move the thread from Off-Topic to Fan Works.

    In fact, if you have the collection of documents packaged in a convenient .zip file, I believe it could be a proper addition to our Fan Media Theater.

    Go team ph4il! 02/07/2016

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    Well, the game is in PDF and is available here:
    I will be happy to ZIP it up... how would I then go about submitting it to the "Fan Media Theater?" ... oh, and thanks for the help!

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    If the PDF is the complete package, then I can simply add that. Consider it submitted!

    Go team ph4il! 02/07/2016

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