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    The update is live.

    Maintenance on the servers has ended.
    Below are details highlighting changes to the game.
    After the patch update, PSU should list on the title screen as Ver. 1.0009.2

    -Mission and update information that was detailed in the last announcement were implemented.

    (Fixes and Changes)

    -Added World Name view to Network Mode Character Selection Screen. This may be toggled with L3 (PS2), Ctrl key (PC), or Button 8 (PC Gamepad) by default.
    -Added S rank variants to Guardians' Colony "Communications Thoroughfare" and "Retake the Plant" missions
    -The last input entry used in a shop search will be saved in the field the next time you search again
    -If the same text is searched for again, the search will be modified accordingly
    -Inventory shown when Depositing items in either the unified storage space or with your Partner Machinery will be indicated jointly, showing number of items from each.
    -Fixed issue with recipie requirements for item synthesis boards requiring "Kubara Wood"
    -Fixed issue with the timing of successful attacks for female characters
    -Fixed issue where PM ATP value was able to exceed 100 in certain situations. Any PMs whose ATP previously exceeded 100 wil be reduced to 100.
    -Fixed issue with PM graphical detail when "Frame Skip" is active.
    -Fixed issue where characters with "Invincible" Nanoblast would still receive damage in certain situations.
    -Fixed issue where the menu for the Dressing Room was not shown properly
    -Partner Machine's name is now displayed properly when not in a combat area. Previously, when in the city or lobby with a PM in your party, the name would be displayed as "Pete"
    -Fixed issue where players who are not Party Leaders were not properly blocked from adding Partner Characters (NPCs/PMs)
    -Fixed issue where when fighting "Grina Beat" the Machine Gun sound effect would not stop.
    -Fixed issue where some monsters were no longer set to drop Monster Parts for synthesis
    -Other backend issues were tended to

    (Game Balance)

    -Changed the success rate of Status effect shots from Ranger Type characters
    -Adjusted PP recovery speed for gun type weapons for Ranger type characters
    -Adjusted use and output parameters for Photon Arts
    -Adjusted difficulty of Bosses
    -Adjusted Parter Character (NPC/PM) combat AI
    -Other game parameters were adjusted

    (PM Device ZERO)

    -Added PM Device ZERO to Room Goods shop
    -By using this item, all stats for you PM will be reset to 0, and it will revert to GH101 PM type
    -Using a PM Device ZERO will not affect any items deposited or synthesis boards entered, however changing using it in the midst of synthesizing may reduce the success rate.

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    So, is this a Ranger nerf or a buff? Or just a new official statement regarding the previous Ranger (well, the status effect edit at least) changes? I can't get in to test it, curse you mister error 51. The shop search fix is a welcome quality of life change!

    Here's hoping the bosses have been made more difficult, teehee.

    EDIT: And incase anyone is curious, the additional classes have not been added to extra mode, which is still at version 1.0004.

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    OMG My PM is aggressive as hell now ...

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    One question. How do you get PM to join in missions?

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    Once you have their card:

    Community > Party > Party Invitation > Select it's card it gave you. It's usually up top with the NPCs

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    man the new weapons cost an arm and a leg =(

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    Just quickly checked G.R.M., and elemental bullet disks are in the stores ready for the new ranged weapon types.

    Disks for Gifoie, Gibarta, Gizonde and Gidiga also appear to be available.

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    Wow, looks great. Nice to finally have the partner zero option opened up.

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    So many bug fixes? Decent support.

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