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    I'm sure these questions have been answered already, but I'll ask them anyway. only got to play about a days worth of the Bets.

    1) The Partner Machine. When you give him/her/it items it increases it's levels similiar to a mag I'm assuming. Does this do anything for you? Or is this just when you use this as a partner in fighting. And how do you get it to fight with you. Where you able to during the beta?

    2) With Technics, and bullets for the matter, can you have say your ICE ability on two different weapons at the same time? I know you can take it off one and put it on another, but say I have two staffs. Can I put resta on both staffs so when I whip them out they wil have it on there and i wont have to worry about switching?

    3) I heard the max level is 60 in this? is that correct? Do we know what the max level for Force/ Ranger/Hunter lcvs are or Photon Art level max are

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    1, PM's stats only affect it's fighting ability, your PM will give you it's card for a group when you evolve it into it's loli form.

    2, don't know about techs, but each gun has a differnt bullet type, a machgun and a hand gun do not have the same bullet (but other then a damage and SE rating, they are the same)

    3, max level is 60, max PA, bullet and tech depends on your class, class lv max is 10

    anyone feel free to correct me lol
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    1) Not sure what the PMs stats are for, I assume its for when you use the PM in battle. Once your PM fully evolves it'll give you its Partner Card which will let you summon it, the PM will take up 1 Party Slot.

    2)Not sure, but I think you can.

    3) The current online level cap is 60, but it will be increased in future updates, what the full max is, is still unknown. As for PAs, their max lvl is 30, but also varies depending on what class you are. Max Class level I believe is 10 or 20.

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    Max level is 60, for the time being, it will be increased sparingly to an unknown amount (100, 200, who knows)

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    max levels:

    character: 60
    arts: 30
    classes: dunno, 10 I think...

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    Classes is 20.

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    Yeah, Classes is 20. And Arts are 30 if your class permits it.

    I'm guessing they will have the max level at 100, then increase it to 200 in an expansion like PSO did.

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    The following info is for JP network mode for PSU.

    1 - PM stats don't directly affect your character. Their stats affect their synth success rates and their evolution path for sure. People are conjecturing that it also affects their combat ability, but this is sort of hard to prove. Once it evolves into a humanoid form, you will receive a partner card from them at which point you can invite it into a group if you are the leader. There's a separate level for their combat, but I don't recall seeing anything conclusive about what that does.

    2 - Bullets and techs are individual PAs that your character learns. You can assign them to any number of weapons in your inventory, but only once per bullet/tech. So you can't have two restas on any one weapon.

    3 - Character Level 60 is the current max for JP servers. Most likely US servers will have a cap of 50 when it gets released. Max PA level is 30, but there are restrictions based upon your current job. Most of this is detailed on psupedia so check their site.

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    So just for clarification on the weapons. If i want Staff X to have Resta and Zonde And Staff Y to have Barta and Resta I can, or can not do that?

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    Yes you can. And don't forget there are both single-handed and 2-handed wands/staffs.

    The 2-handed ones don't allow you to carry a weapon in the off-hand (handgun for example), but then you can attach 4-techniques to one. Accessing the other 2 techs is performed the same way as using the off-hand weapon.

    Once you *learn* a technique, it is yours to use and level up as you wish. For force, or force-related classes, you can attach that technique to as many technique-chucking weapons you have. It's not like an item that you have and can only use in one place.

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