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    it will be shipped via fedex, and it will arrive on the 24th...arrival times/dates may vary by your location, but in my area, my store will be getting it tomorrow around 11am....because that's when fedex comes.

    i cant 'guarantee' your store will have it at a certain time...but this answer is 99% accurate... i'd bet my paycheck on it

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    Three questions:

    1) You work at EB/Gamestop right?
    2) What is your area?
    3) Just to clarify, you're saying your store is getting its shipment at 11am on the 24th?

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    Like whta Kyuu said, what area are you in? I'm in the EST so it my be a little different when my pre-order copy gets here.


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    west coast, wal hits us before gamestop and ebgames in my area...but likely the gaming stores will have it available for sale sooner on the shelf...if u wish to purchase from wal mart, you'll have to ask for it, and pry, because noone is gonna know wtf ur talking about

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    I just called my local EBgames, and they said that they'll have it tommorrow(24th).

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    I think this needs to stop being discussed and everyone just be patient. Another day won't hurt; just find something to occupy yourself with.

    The key fact is: each store will have the copy soon. It may be on release date, it may not be. Do research on your own stores around you and stop posting on the forums about them, getting everyone all confused. If you can't get it on the release date, waiting another day won't hurt you.

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    this game, like MANY is shipping from the manufacturer, it just got picked up from thier building this morning, there is NO WAY that your local gamestore has's impossible. u cant tell a lie to someone who knows so much about the business...saying your getting it tonight is an invitation to get flamed, because it's a BS lie. FFS game stores dont even have the STRATEGY GUIDE yet....i'm just going to disregard your ignorant comments....

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    I just found out that the store that I'm getting it from (Gamestop :: WI) will have it on sale on Wednesday at 1:00 pm.

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    I drove to 5 Wal Marts just now, and here's what I found out by order of store...

    1. We won't be getting that game.
    2. We'll get it on the 31st.
    3. Is this a Star wars game, sir? Oh, "Ph" not "Fa"... hmm. Nope. I don't see it on our list.
    4. I don't know what we get. The warehouse just ships us stuff.
    5. Oh, the final Fantasy Game will come out the 31st of this month. Shall I place it on reserve?

    OK, soon as I get a second wind i'm going to nail as many Gamestops and EBgames as I can.

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    look the games are here, he calls the pre orders customers tonight for them to be picked up, I don't know how they got here and I frankly don't care. End of story.

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