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    With the fall of (NO Ah King, say it ain't so!) I have another site ready to be checked out for the Xbox users of PSO (since I don't have a gamecube, sorry) to help with the PSO community. This site has a lot of extras that users are able to interact with that include prizes, lottery, and more. This is not a clan, just a fun site for PSO players to get something speacial with. I will also tell you this, this site is a BETA and will not be done until the game is released for the Xbox so be aware that some sections are not funtioning yet due to the release. Have fun and please contact me on what I need to fix or improve and suggestions are always welcome. Thanks hunters but remember that is still the best PSO fan site on the net.
    To view The Photon Core go here:
    This site takes around 15-30 secs to load.

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    very nice just noticed somethign small but other than that very sweeet
    the loading bar seems uneven and just my opinion should of just had the loading test in pso text format.. but so far nice

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    Cool site.
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    hum... good site, just could add some more information on specific stuff

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    It LOOKS nice, but not very much else is going on for it. I found it sometimes hard to know exactly what it was I clicked on as what came up was often very vague. Still it's very pretty.

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    Good job with the Flash.

    Heyo! And stick around.

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