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    well I was wondering were most of the people from here play like wich world and channel.

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    I play typically, in world 1, universe 1-2 on the Japanese servers.

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    JP: World 2, Universe 5
    NA: Universe 13

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    I'm on Universe 9...and isn't Universe 9 PSO-W's primary server? Or is it still undecided? (I remember the meeting was in Universe 9...I think...)

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    Universe 13 is the unoffical FFXI spot.

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    I've been in Universe 2 or 3 the time I'm on. (NA).

    Something about playing WoW for awhile thats drawing me to the larger crowds..

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    Universe 1 always (NA)
    Shout out to MissMalice for the Beast sig! Thx shawty!

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    Wherever it starts me, then I switch to Universe 2.

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    I have only been playing offline. Once my friends gets a headset and online we and some buddies will be getting online but for now offline mode is really fun for me. Especially since I haven't had too much time to play online games at all I have too many of them ><; lol

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    Just 1 and 2 until PSOW decides to designate an official spot. Can't wait for another Antares 8
    pso two:
    blue moon/caseal/ship 2

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