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    You can win with a long weapon, and yet you can also win with a short weapon. In short, the Way of the Ichi school is the spirit of winning, whatever the weapon and whatever its size.
    --Miyamoto Musashi

    Forces and Rangers have their discussion threads but us, the Hunters don't, so I volunteer to make the thread to the skilled, trained fighters known as Hunters. so, yeah, ITT, Hunters.

    About Hunters:
    Hunters are the trained fighters who excell at melee combat, using mainly swords and blades.

    The basic Hunter class
    Maximum Job Level: 10
    Skills: 20
    Bullets: 10
    Techniques: 0
    S-Rank: None
    A-Rank: None
    B-Rank: Swords, Spears, Knuckles, Twin Sabers, Twin Daggers, Sabers, Daggers
    C-Rank: Handguns

    A better hunter class with much better HP, ATP, and DFP, more skilled with big, two-handed weapons.
    Requirements: Hunter lv 10
    Skills: 30
    Bullets: 10
    Techniques: 0
    S-Rank: Swords, Spears, Knuckles, Axes, Twin Claws, Claws
    A-Rank: Twin Sabers, Twin Daggers, Sabers, Daggers, Handguns

    A Hunter who can also use guns with somewhat less HP, ATP, and DFP than the Fortefighter but with better ATA and EVP, better with fast, multiple hit weapons.
    Requirements: Hunter lv 5, Ranger lv 3
    Skills: 30
    Bullets: 20
    Techniques: 0
    S-Rank: Twin Sabers, Twin Daggers, Double Sabers, Sabers, Daggers
    A-Rank: Swords, Spears, Knuckles, Twin Claws, Claws, Crossbows, Handguns, Machineguns

    A Force who can also slash, leans more towards being a Force than being a Hunter, probably not as much ATP, DFP, or HP as the other 2 expert classes but better MST and TP which it can actualy use.
    Requirements: Force lv 5, Hunter lv 3
    Skills: 20
    Bullets: 10
    Techniques: 20
    S-Rank: Twin Daggers, Daggers
    A-Rank: Knuckes, Twin Sabers, Spears, Twin Claws, Sabers, Claws, Longbows, Handguns, Cards, Wands

    Weapon Types
    Sabers: a one-handed medium length sword, only hits one target for a three hit combo but a left-hand weapon can be equipped with it at the same time.

    Daggers: a one-handed short sword, hits a single target with a 4 hit combo but just like the saber, can also be equipped alongside a long range weapon.

    Claws: a one-handed hand claw that hits one target 3 times and can be double equipped with a ranged weapon.

    Twin Sabers: A pair of medium length swords on each hand that can hit one target with a 6 hit combo.

    Twin Daggers: A pair of short swords that hit one target in a 7 hit combo

    Twin Claws: A pair of claws that hit one target 5 times.

    Swords: A very large sword that can hit multiple targets in a 3 hit combo, slashes instead of stabs like the spear.

    Spear: A long polearm with a blade at the end that hits multiple enemies in a 3-hit target, but it stabs instead of slashes.

    Knuckles: A pair of gloves that make one's punches harder, lands a 4-hit combo on one target

    Double Sabers: A staff with 2 blades at each end that delivers a 6-hit combo on a single target.

    Axes: A two-handed weapon that is slow but has really high ATP and can deliver massive damage.

    Thats all for now, I'll try to post more info if I can, discuss about Hunters but remember, NO RACISM! Newmans are allowed here too and have just as much right as a Beast to go Fortefighter.

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    I'm going for Figunner with my cast, starting as a Ranger (rather intresting too!). But sometimes, I gotta pull back to my roots as a Hunter and give the monsters a good sabering. X3

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    Cool, another Figunner, like me, though I'm gonna be a Human. I like Figunners since they s-rank in my favorite weapons, though I may have a Fortefighter too if I feel like it, I'm beginning to like the big swords.
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    King of Fighters XII: Terry, Kim, Kyo
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    Beast wartecher, specialinzing in buffs and heals. With my nanoblast, i'll be unstoppable.

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    Default to be a male a hunter..dual wield daggers..and cast magic simultaniously WITHOUT being female....

    Newman War-techer ftw~~

    (Its the least they can do for taking away my scythes)

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    *goes to add link to his Ranger Topic*

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    yay my newman fortefighter will be unstoppable. well he'll be a wartecher too i like both the classes

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    maybe they might add scythes, but I think they may swing like swords, which I'm sure not many of you guys will like, although I've been using one lately and I don't have much problems with them so far, they seem to be fine. maybe getting Leo's PA will make it likeable.
    Street Fighter IV: Chun Li, Ryu
    King of Fighters XII: Terry, Kim, Kyo
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    not much activity here I see. and I'd figure that Hunters would be 70% of the PSU population according to another thread. anyway, I'm curious on how Axes play out, any importers used any axes or at least anyone who knows of any youtube vids of Axes in action if possible?
    Street Fighter IV: Chun Li, Ryu
    King of Fighters XII: Terry, Kim, Kyo
    BlazBlue: Litchi, Noel

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    I'm planning on making my 2nd and 3rd characters a Figunner and Fortefighter respectively. I usually have a hunter as my main character (ie. PSO GC, ep3, BB), so it's a bit of a change for once.

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