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    This is the EASIEST mission you can do on Parum yet I can't seem to get an S-rank on it. The fastest I can do this mission is 2:38. Is there some secret area or something that I'm not finding?

    Also, are there missions that you CAN'T get an S-rank on?

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    cool thanx..

    why didn't I find this when I did a search??

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    their is a spot where you fight two flying monsters (can't rememebr what thier called)
    and after that you go through and fight the rest..

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    I was doing this too. You MUST kill every monster in this mission. My fastest time was 1:37 with my newman ranger. All you get is a room decor. And it's not worth all the trouble.

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    Huh.. I never gave it a second thought.. I kept going there for the moon atomizer X's to sell..

    Hmmm I COULD just go blast everything...

    Kill the dragon S rank, his head is a good ornament!

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