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    I knew it reminded me of sombody...

    Anybody besides me seen Fate Stay Night?

    Look at this character named saber.

    (you guys expected me to say somthing like I was in love... didnt you?)

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    Sure about that?

    PSO2-JP: Ship 2; Bouncer/Braver, Tiana Cross.

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    Do you know what should remind you of saber? This caseal armor:

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    lol no it wont stay on topic!

    but i dont agree that o-yakusoku looks like her.

    Saber has a very similar outfit and the 2h sword.

    Not quite as full blown as what you posted.

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    Yup that armor looks pretty close, same colors and stuff. Sombody must have been trying

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    What i find funny is that Saber cast is more accurate than all the Kos-Mos I've seen running around in japan or US version. Some characters you can't recreate.

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    Hmm, I can't quite make my Saber character to look like that since she's a Human Female... Maybe I'll make a Dark version with a new Female Cast.

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    Do you have more pictures of that armor in other colors Itsuki?
    I adore it immensely.

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    Itsuki ... grrr .. I want that armor .....

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    Maybe you've already seen it, but here it is anyway.

    PSO2-JP: Ship 2; Bouncer/Braver, Tiana Cross.

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