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    The first version of this topic was lacking and well, I finally got around to reformatting and adding stuff to it. Hope you like it.

    [Table of Contents for Thread]
    Coming soon!

    [About Hunter]

    Masters of the physical, Hunters are the best in melee out of the three basic classes. They fight in-your-face in close combat, dealing and taking high amount damage from enemies. In addition, Hunters use photon arts called Skills to improve their physical combat, increasing damage as well as the number of hits in a combo. Anyone who played Hunter on PSO will quickly adjust to the playing style of PSU hunters. Only real difference is that a few weapons work different, Skills, and a new lock-on system.

    [Terms for Hunters]

    Skills – Melee Photon Arts
    Combo – chaining hits together
    Knock Back – action of hitting opponent away
    Knock Up – action of hitting opponent in the air
    Knock Down – action of hitting opponent to the ground
    Flinch – action of making opponent pause or recoil their action (casting, attacking, moving)

    [Hunter-type Classes]

    Hunter: No requirements, Humans and Beasts start as Hunters.
    Basic melee class. Skilled in the close combat weapons. A fit for beginning players.
    B: Saber, Twin Sabers, Dagger, Twin Daggers, Sword, Spear, Knuckles
    C: Handgun

    Fortefighter: Requires: Lv10 Hunter
    An expert melee fighter focused on striking attacks. Weapon choice is limited but attack and defensive power is unparalleled.
    Additional effects: 80% PP usage on Skills, PP recovery on melee weapons
    S: Swords, Knuckles, Spears, Axe, Twin Claws, Claws
    A: Handgun, Saber, Dagger, Twin Sabers, Twin Daggers

    Fighgunner: Requires: Lv5 Hunter, Lv3 Ranger
    Mixture of Hunter and Ranger. Figunners focus more on melee weapons while using a few ranged weapons to attack opponents in variety of ways. Fighgunners excel in light quick melee weapons. Also have the exclusive usage of Double Sabers.
    Additional effects: PP recovery on melee weapons and ranged weapon
    S: Double Saber, Twin Saber, Saber, Twin Dagger, Dagger
    A: Sword, Fists, Spear, Twin Claw, Claw, Twin Handguns, Handgun, Crossbow, Mechgun

    Wartecher: Requires: Lv 5 Force, Lv 3 Hunter
    Mixture of Force and Hunter. Wartechers combine physical and mental power for great offensive and support abilities. Wartecher is arguably the most versatile class in PSU.
    Addition effects: PP recovery on melee and magical weapons.
    S: Twin Daggers, Dagger
    A: Knuckle, Spear, Twin Sabers, Twin Claws, Saber, Claw, Longbow, Handgun, Cards(Fan), Wand

    Protranser: Requires: Lv 5 Ranger, Lv5 Force, Lv5 Hunter
    Protransers are known as Trap Masters. Protransers gets damage bonuses from traps. They utilities a bit of everything from all of the other classes with their versatility in weapon selection. Protranser have a choice of excelling in Melee or Ranged combat.
    Additional effects: Extra damage on traps, (Unverified) 50% Chance to Crit?
    A: Sword, Fists, Spear, Axe, Saber, Shotgun, Long Bow, Grenade Launcher, Laser Cannon, Handgun

    [Races of Hunter]

    Human: “Original” race of the Gurhal System. Humans are well-rounded and can easily adapt to any class. Starts off as Hunter. Have access to use Crea(Claire) Weapons.

    Newman: Genetically engineered to be a mentally superior race, Newmans excel in using and warding off Techniques at the cost of lower physical ability and defense. Not a primary choice of Hunter, but a great candidate for Wartecher. Have access to use Crea(Claire) Weapons.

    CAST: Initially designed for precision and labor, CASTS have excellent accuracy and good amout of attack power making them great candidates for Figunner, but suffer low evasion, mental abilities and defense. CASTS gain an ability to use SUVs, large weaponry, to help clean floor with enemies.

    Beast: Created with high physical abilities, Beasts are a primary choice for Hunter. Beasts’ heightened attack power and defense allow them to use melee weapons and line shields at early levels making them great candidates for Fortefighter. However, they suffer from lower accuracy and mental abilities. Their ability to Nanoblast increases attack power and/or defense greatly giving them an edge in many situations. Starts off as Hunter.

    [Weapons Details]

    Type: Saber
    Held: One-hand (Right)
    Speed: Fast
    Attack Power: Moderate
    Accuracy: High
    Damage Total: Moderate
    # of Hits: 3
    Description: Handheld blade that is Basic weapon for Hunters. Usable in combination of a one-handed gun. Very flexible and highly effective to situations.
    Skills: Rising Strike, Gravity Strike
    Note: Crea (Claire) version of this weapon is available.

    Type: Dagger
    Held: One-hand (Right)
    Speed: Very Fast
    Attack Power: Low
    Accuracy: High
    Damage Total: High
    # of Hits: 4
    Description: Short, agile blade use for quick close combat. Usable with combination with a one-handed gun. Very flexible and highly effective to situations.
    Skill: Buten Shuren-zan, Shunbu Shouren-zan
    Note: Crea (Claire) version(s) of this weapon is available.

    Type: Claw
    Held: One-hand (Right)
    Speed: Moderate
    Attack Power: High
    Accuracy: High
    Damage Total: High
    # of Hits: 3
    Description: Blades similar the claws of animal held by the hand to attack enemies viciously. Highly effective against single target enemies.
    Skills: Shousen Totsuzan-ga

    Type: Twin Saber
    Held: Two-hand (Dual)
    Speed: Very Fast
    Attack Power: Moderate
    Accuracy: Moderate
    Damage Total: Very High
    # of Hits: 5
    Description: Two Sabers dual wielded together to swiftly attack and take out enemies. Most effective on single targets.
    Skills: Rising Crush, Assault Crush
    Note: Crea (Claire) version(s) of this weapon is available.

    Type: Twin Dagger
    Held: Two-hand (Dual)
    Speed: Very Fast
    Attack Power: Low
    Accuracy: High
    Damage Total: Very High
    # of Hits: (Males) 5, (Females) 6
    Skills: Renkai Buyou-zan, Moubu Seiran-zan
    Note: Crea (Claire) version(s) of this weapon is available.

    Type: Twin Claw
    Held: Two-hand (Dual)
    Speed: Moderate
    Attack Power: High
    Accuracy: High
    Damage Total: High
    # of Hits: 6
    Skills: Renzan Seidan-ga, Bukuu Rensen-ga

    Type: Knuckles
    Held: Two-hand
    Speed: Slow
    Attack Power: High
    Accuracy: Very High
    Damage Total: High
    # of Hits: 5
    Skills: Bogga Danga, Bogga Zubba

    Type: Sword
    Held: Two-hand
    Speed: Very Slow
    Damage per Hit: Very High
    Accuracy: Low
    Damage Total: Moderate – Very High
    # of Hits: 3 (Possible 9)
    Description: Long, wide blades use to numerous enemies in an area of 90 degrees. Highly effective against a crowd or multi-target enemies.
    Skills: Tornado Break, Spinning Break
    Note: Crea (Claire) version of this weapon is available.

    Type: Spear
    Held: Two-hand
    Speed: Fast
    Attack Power: High
    Accuracy: High
    Damage Total: Very High
    # of Hits: 3 (Possible 6)
    Description: Long weapon with sharp ends used to thrust forward into enemies hitting up to 2 enemies in a linear or side by side position.
    Skills: Dus Daggus, Dus Robado

    Type: Axe
    Held: Two-hand
    Speed: Very Slow
    Attack Power: Very High
    Accuracy: Low
    Damage Total: Very High
    # of Hits: 3
    Description: Heavy two-handed weapon that uses brute force and weight to annihilate enemies. Each impact causes enemies to flinch and last hit knocks them down.
    Skills: Anga Dugrega, Anga Redda

    Type: Double Saber
    Held: Two-hand
    Speed: Very Fast
    Attack Power: High
    Accuracy: Low
    Damage Total: Very High
    # of Hits: 6 (Possible 12)
    Description: Double-sided blades that unleashes a flurry of attacks upon multiple enemies in a rough 270 degree area.
    Skills: Spiral Dance, Gravity Dance
    Note: Crea (Claire) version of this weapon is available.

    [Animation of Weapons]
    Coming Soon!

    [Weapon Analysis from Users]

    Axes by RyukiZero: There's a reason why they're the slowest swinging weapon. There's also a reason to why it doesn't hit multiple targets (like the sword). If anything, the reason for those two mentioned, is raw power. Axes, if anything, are underrated because people complain about how long it takes to level up the PA. That, however, shouldn't be a reason to dislike the Axe at all. The PA's are very strong, and are great in certain situations (just like other weapon's PA's). It's a good boss killer, but at the same time, the PA's are good crowd control, even if the maximum amount of targets it can hit is only two.

    Spears by RyukiZero: A weapon that's enabled to any HU-related class. It's quick, it has range, and it has power. Spears, like the Sword and other weapons, . Granted, it may not do as much damage as say, a sword or axe in terms of normal attacks, but it's still stronger than the other weapons, hands down. Daggas has knockback at the end, but in the first two attacks of the Spear, it's a 2-target (piercing) attack, which is useful against the larger monsters. Should you want to go AoE, there's always Robado. Like Daggas, the knockback doesn't occur until the last attack.

    Claw by RyukiZero: The more neglected, or underrated single-handed weapon for that matter, is the Single Claw. The attack speed is quicker than the saber, and about the same as the dagger, so there isn't really a downside to a claw. Being that there is only currently one PA for it, would probably the reason why not many people use it. However, the PA, though rather plain (like the 2nd Fist PA), deals a good chunk of damage, and can hit up to two targets at a time. Being able to move the "blast" around (similar to say.. the Damu Techs, but a lot shorter in terms of duration), you can hit other mobs.

    Saber by RyukiZero: The basic weapon that many, if not all, hunters seem to use. It has the longest range of all single-handed (main hand) weapons and is also the strongest. Rising Strike's 2nd attack has the ability to knock-up a mob, and the third attack can send them flying while in mid-air. Though fun, it's not entirely party-friendly. Gravity Strike deals much more hits, and is less stronger compared to Rising, but can hold its own. Also, our famous bald-headed navigator uses it.

    Dagger by RyukiZero: Single Dagger is the second preferred single-handed main weapon, and is also fun to use. It's pretty quick, and though weaker than the saber, the DPS makes up for it. The first PA is similar to the Twin Dagger's first PA, and the only noticeable difference is that it's more flashy. The second PA isn't as combo-oriented as the first, but deals a lot of damage in the few hits that are done. Still, you can never really go wrong with either PA.

    Twin Daggers by RyukiZero: Very commonly used, and good. They still excel in DPS and seem to "flow" into the PA's like icing on cake. The first PA is basically a top spinning. Spin, spin, spin. Two targets, but hits in all directions, which make this PA rather useful in tight situations. The second PA is more offensive, hitting MANY times and can hit in different directions if you maneuver around (like the first single dagger PA).

    [Melee Photon Arts: Skills]
    Soon to come.

    [Maximizing Damage]
    • Level Skills. Each skill level increases ATP and ATA increases by a %. At lv 11 and 21, Skills may gain an addition combination.
    • Use Skill most suited for the situation. Skills have very different ways of hitting enemies making some better than others to use at one point or another.
    • Use high % element weapons. Enemies vulnerable to that element will suffer a great about of damage depending on the % on the weapon. Note that attack enemies with the same element will lower damage.
    • Grind weapons. Yes, very dirty and risky business here, but very worthwhile. With enough grinding, a weapon’s ATP can exceed a weapon 3 or more starts higher than it.
    • Know your enemy. Enemies have weaknesses that are waiting to be exploited, or a strength waiting to destroy you. Go for multiple points on a target to gain addition damage on enemies. Some enemies have high resistance to melee weapons so you might have to switch to a ranged weapon to higher damage.
    • Control your target. Taking out enemies quickly require them to stay in range. Using a knock back causes you to run after the target, so use it wisely.

    If you see any problems, have any suggests, or want to help out, feel free to post!

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    Necessities for hunters:
    1-Know how to dodge
    2-Actually dodge
    3-Kill things
    Coming Soon!

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    ^You opened yourself up for a nasty one but I'm gonna pass on it. Cause it's getting really tiresome...


    Forces and rangers are the monsters primary targets since what they do pose the greater threat. It would be ideal if a hunter looks out for them at all costs..even if that means desserting the current monster you're fighting.

    You vs 1, or them(2) vs 5. It's an easy decision.

    I have more but it's going to take a lot of writing..which I'll do tommorow.

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    I'm not talking about perfect dodging, I'm talking more about reasonable dodging, like not standing in the one Moatoob guy's fire breath for its duration, or running away if you just know something big is coming.

    I've seen hunters taking damage 3x as fast as other, similar level hunters, and I'm fairly sure they weren't newmans.
    Coming Soon!

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    Personally, I would recommend that hunters go with high evasion and try to get decent armor (or multiple sets of armor) that will resist common elements that they encounter. This gives both damage absorbtion and completely negates some damage, so there's less of a strain on the healers (if you even have one).

    Some weapon and PA tips off the top of my head:

    • Twin Daggers: Use the PA in groups of enemies that swarm you for maximum damage.

      Sabers and Dual Sabers: Use the PA to "juggle" strong enemies that deal heavy damage, essentially stopping them from damaging you and your teammates.

      Spear & Dagger: Good for enemies that are lined up in a row. They can hit multiple enemies and do good damage.

      Handgun: Although you may be limited to using lower rank handguns, these will still do more damage to flying enemies in many situations, so don't waste all of your melee weapon photons. Get a couple guns that you can use and grind them up for maximum damage output. Make sure to max some bullet PAs as well (ice if nothing else).

      Sword: Good against a spread of enemies, but probably my least favorite of all the hunter weapons that are currently available. This may change when expert classes and increased PA levels are released.

    In addition, it's important to pay attention to the elemental weapons you use again enemies. Attacking a light-based enemy with a light elemental weapon is only hurting your damage. If you don't have a weapon of the opposite element to use (dark), at least use something other than a light weapon. I keep a stock of various weapons that cover the majority of elements that I encounter in areas where I typically play. Based on where I will be going, I may take a specific set of elemental weapons along with me and leave other elements behind. For example, there's really no need to bring anything other than dark weapons along if you are going to run Holy Ground missions, but if you're going to Moatoob, you probably want a good mixture of ice and lightning weapons.

    As far as Partner Machines go, I'd recommend the GH450 for hunters, hands down. However, with the currently broken healing, it might be best to wait and see if they are fixed before investing the time and money into raising one.

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    I love using Twin Weapons, and I like using Rising Crush on fire-breathing Vandas especially, sends em off flying so that their fire breathing will be halted while I just kick(or slash) them while they're down.
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    I love my 1-hand daggers ^.^

    Not only a good PA for damage but since you are moving quite a bit while doing it you can turn with an enemy to avoid being in front of them or you can shoot right through a crowd which helps with avoiding getting hit.

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    am i the only one who loves knuckles?

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    well this is a hunter tip and cuz i'm drunk, names will not be included for spelling purposes...
    if you use the one handed sword pa on it's second combo level, you will push the enemy back, during that time switch to the one handed dagger and use it's second pa... if you use these together with their normal combo hits you can get very high combos; i think 10+ (you will need to walk toward some enemies to keep the "combo" going)

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    and i don't mean to start a flame war but.... the ONLY needed players in a psu team are.. dun dun duuuuun hunters and forces. rangers do no healing and do lower damage. yeah status effects are awesome.. for the the very few seconds a creature is alive!! 2 hunters and a force can get thru an area quicker than any other 3 man team. now don't get me wrong i love the stun you guys do so i can continure my combo, however if i'm looking for a random team i'll join a force/hunter before any other team combo.

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