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Reload this Page Beating Dark Falz on Ultimate (HU/RA/FO)

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Default 03-19-2012, 10:56 AM

My only advice is on his/her 3rd form, please, oh please be prepared to mostly cast spells on him/her. and have a good/powerful long ranged weapon. Falz is in invincibility mode 95% of the time. and only magic can pierce the shell. and when Falz escapes invincibility mode, he/she is usually across the stage and no where near you to slash with a striking weapon. that's when you should pull out your guns. if you're a Cast and without a gun, be prepared to be sitting there for at least a good hour. If you're a Force, its in a matter of minutes. seriously, it's that one-sided of a battle.

I swear this battle on ultimate is what my friend said: "98% luck, and 2% skill." you just got to get lucky hitting him/her with an actual attack. the stage is poorly built on purpose to make the battle difficult. curse that giant ring! D:<

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Default 03-19-2012, 12:02 PM

Originally Posted by Necha54 View Post
Here's my only tips.

1: red handgun, or red mechguns are ur best friends 2: And jellen and zalure also help, also try a mag that casts shift/deband
3: keep ur distance
4:when he steals your soul stay away from him.
5:keep your health 100%, even if it doesnt take alot
6: the units preferred are

7: when u r able to get close to him, use a multi att weapon or steal hp weapon. Make it a get in get out.and stay keep on his left foot.

8hoton blast are a no no unless they give u shift deband or heal you.

9: kills the giant fish like things first.

10: stock up on monomates , dimates, trimates and star atomizers. Plus fluids.
Use your fluids first. Since they go slower (resta,jellen, zalure are the only spells u need)
this is for olga flo
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Default 03-19-2012, 05:32 PM

long ago that i beat him
the problem was that i thought i cant beat him b/c i thought he is damn strong but in the end he wasnt
i think i had pretty good equip with my lv130 humar

Double cannon(stupid lavis hunt with redria hucast -.- and syncesta as a lv 56 oran ramarl)
Spirit vulcan(30hit)
Red sword
Holy ray

Luminous field
Standstill shield

(sry cant post more bacause im with the psp on)

Retired but still da best!!!! *^*
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