The Art of Being Together and Why I Wish Not to Own at All

In the old times, when PSO was held on Gamecube, the conflict between US and JP players was truly huge. Many US gamers generally was known as cheaters, since they surely exceeded most JP gamers by far by doing that. Not saying that there wasnt any japanese aswell, but theyr numbers was much smaller. The item contribution between japanese people was done by laying all the items found down the floor till the end of the run. And then japanese usualy made the meseta dice game (kinda like rock paper scissor) in order to win those items. So there is no possibility to "grab faster", and more focus on just having a fun time. Sadly many outsiders didnt know about, or they didnt respect that way of handling it. When joining a japanese party, its essential to play according to theyr rules. Because way to many players didnt pay attention to it the conflict started to arise.

Many times when i joined a japanese party, they asked me if i am from JP. Then sometimes i told them nope and then they said that i should leave. Then i kinda feelt upset but i tried to respect theyr wishes and then i just shouted very loud.. THAT IM GONNA LEAVE. Sometimes someone feelt mercy with me and then i constantly tried to build up trust by respecting theyr way of dealing with in any terms. Sometimes, someone who apparently didnt understand a single word of english then magically started to write english, its kinda a act of willpower, thats for sure. So, i knew i wasnt always welcome but i tried to show them that i am valuing them for anything they do. My policy was always to set the happiness of others at the first spot of my "what to do list", and i certainly was able to build up a lot of trust in a environment with lot of prejudices. Which i fully can understand considering the amount of players who did not play according to those rules. Aswell important not to make someone lose theyr face, so when there is a clear demand i always tried to act according to it, but that doesnt mean that i am not able to express my lack of pleasure, and sometimes there will be new changes.

Sometimes it helped me to have some equal views in the matter of behaviour. When i have a certain view, and i did not understand the essence of the opposite or simply from a different view, then i rarely change my own view. Now have to understand not to drill to much at that spot. If so i only fight for my view, not for my advantage. Finally resulting into the fact that i do not hand out or move, no matter what, for the sake of my view. But then at the back i will try to please the oponnent and just telling them that i do value them very much. Thats totaly OK when done right and it surely will be respected. Just to say its not always important to shape the same way, but always to have compassion, its just always very essential and a truly universal language. In some funny situation i didnt hand out a item because i had in mind i was right. Then i keept that position till the end. But then at theyr back i handed over the item to the demanding person. But the outcome of it was outstanding, i dunno why but they surely regard a fully truthful person as highly respected. Its not acting out of who is right or wrong, finally i did act out of compassion and i can say... it does reflect very heavy!

There was some examples of it i do like to tell:

Once i was in Seabed level, then they found a Twin Chakra, i wanted to check out what else it is like, since we wanted to meseta play for it. Then they was very scared when i picked up the item and then i used warp to check it out. They suely had in mind i would just steal it. Anyway, when i gave it back and then someone won the item, that person was kinda so happy about it, i feelt like i didnt even deserve to own it because i couldnt have had so much joy. Later we became friends and it surely was fun to play.

On another situation i joined a party and wasnt able to read all the details written there. Then we had a super rare drop of a Sealed J-Sword, and then i had surely lot of joy because i saw a real chance to win that piece. They lied it down the floor and i wanted to check if it actually is that kind of piece, and so i meet vendor in order to detect. When i wanted to play for it the team leader is telling me that we do not play any meseta game because he was writting down on the team entry that he will be hunting Sealed J Sword and so we dont make meseta game. Now i wasnt sure it was true but i didnt find like it was any kind of lie so i said.. OK, my joy is gone but its still important to treat him with max amount of respect. So i decided to let him have it and dont "fight for it". But i surely expressed that im kinda a bit disappopinted for the missed chance to win.

Well.. and that kind of compassion and finally respect i was handing out to that person was aswell reflecting back to me. Out of his own compassion he wanted to share me many valuable stuff he got, so he lied down many rare items he had, and told me that i am free to take them. It wasnt all that valuable to me but i surely noticed that they all was earned by hard work since those was "ALL LEGIT" items and it smelled very hard like lot of work. I decided to take his offer, since i wanted to honor him and tell him that i do respect his contribution in order to make me happy. So i took it and i guess we all was finally happy, not every stuff can be shared but we surely was able to share all the compassion we had for each others, and i ended up being happy even if i actually didnt win the ultimate piece.

Guess that was my story on how i finally wished not to own stuff which, for many people would be hard to understand if they didnt know its background. So i want to make aware of it, someones own gain is always pretty much dependable on another ones gain, because if only acting selfish, then there is always someone staying unhappy and it will never ever reflect back. So i happily may even chose the path of "owning lesser" for the sake of owning more, aswell hard to understand and thats why i needed to make a hopefully detailed explanation about it. I aswell wish that we stop splitting the people apart such as we did on PSU servers. where we had JP and EU/US players being apart from each others, and finally EU/US server died. I think the reason for it is ... lack of compassion, so based on my joyful experience i do wish for us all and the whole community to care for each others. Then the entire situation will become better and better and at some point we are all united once again and may have a united and happy community at some point.

Realising those matters will create a truly happy PSO community, thats the stuff i wanted to make everyone aware of it for the 10 year anniversary of PSO.