Psycho Wand

Available on the following consoles:
Dreamcast Dreamcast/Version 2 PC (Windows) Gamecube Xbox Blue Burst

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Blue Burst (PC) & Version 3 (GC & XBox): Episodes 1, 2 & 4
Description: "A mysterious cane known only as the ultimate cane. Its abilities are unknown."

TP costs decreases by 50%. However, the full cost of any TP use, either from Technique, Armor/Shield Drain (Aura Field), or Enemy Attack (Bringers) will be taken from your HP instead. For example, suppose a spell costs 50 TP to cast normally. With the Psycho Wand equipped, it will cost 25 TP and 50 HP to cast the technique. Also, increases RA-level tech effectiveness by 30%.
ATP: + 395-400
ATA: + 55
DFP: + 50
Special: Randomly casts Foie, Barta, or Zonde (Lv11); Reduces TP cost by 50%; Increases power of RA-level tec
Class: Rod
Required Stat: MST: 900
Stars: 12 []
Usable By
Section ID Difficulty: Location Monster Drop Rate
Viridia: Ultimate:Seabed Delbiter 1/131072
Greennill: Ultimate:Ruins Gran Sorcerer 1/299594
Skyly: Ultimate:Ruins Gran Sorcerer 1/299594
Bluefull: Ultimate:Seabed Delbiter 1/12604
Purplenum: Ultimate:Caves Mil Lily 1/205
Pinkal: Ultimate:Seabed Sinow Zele 1/299594
Redria: Ultimate:Ruins Gran Sorcerer 1/299594
Oran: Ultimate:Control Center Gibbles 1/12604
Yellowboze: Ultimate:Ruins Bulclaw 1/233017
Whitill: Ultimate:Control Center Del Lily 1/262144

Versions 1 & 2 (DC & PC): Episodes 1 & 2
ATP: + 235-305
ATA: + 70
Max Grinder: 15
Class: Rod
Required Stat: MST: 450
Usable By
Section ID Difficulty: Location Monster Drop Rate
Viridia: Vhard:Ruins Chaos Sorcerer 1/1497966
Pinkal: Vhard:Ruins Chaos Sorcerer 1/1497966

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