Sinow Spigell

Available on the following consoles:
Episode 3

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Card Revolution (GC): Episode 3
Card Number: #260
HP: 11
AP: 5
TP: = 3
MV: = 9
Degree of Rarity: R4
Right: Green, Purple, Yellow, Red, Blue
Top: Red
Special Effects: AP Silence - During an attack, AP of the opponent is set to zero for 2 turns. The status returns to normal after 2 turns.
Attack Action: Single
Notes: Tech OK. Before each turn, all ally Field Characters (items and creatures) within 1 block of this card recover 1HP, excluding card. During a move, skip over any (ally or opponent) character, as long as you have AP. (Can't land on already occupied blocks)
Class: Machine
Cost: 5 []
Usable By
Episode 3:Arkz