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Episode 3

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Card Revolution (GC): Episode 3
Description: Tech OK

Equal Damager
Inflicts an equal amount of damage that you received, back to the attacker.

During a move, skip over any (ally or opponent) character. Skipping over costs 1 Action Point more than a normal move. (Can't land on already occupied blocks.)

Guard Creature
Damage received by your own Boss Story Character will be given to this creature instead. (In other words, the Story Character does not take any damage.)
Card Number: #215
HP: 6
AP: = 1
TP: = 1
MV: = 3
Degree of Rarity: R1
Right: Green, Purple, Yellow, Red, Blue
Top: Red
Attack Action: Single
Class: Native
Cost: 6 []
Usable By
Episode 3:Arkz   

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