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    by Published on Nov 12, 2005 07:36 PM
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    kevlar_pso writes, "Microsoft published a list earlier today of a list of games that have been confirmed to work with the XBox 360 at launch. You can find the full list here.

    Here Are All the "P" Games:
    • Pariah
    • Phantom Crash
    • Pinball Hall of Fame
    • Pitfall: The Lost Expedition
    • Predator Concrete Jungle
    • Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
    • Pro Evolution Soccer 5
    • Pro Race Driver
    • Pump It Up: Exceed
    • Pure Pinball
    • Puyo Pop Fever

    As you can see PSO-X has been left off of the list. However, this is not the final cut of original Xbox games that will be emulated for the 360. Microsoft IS adding more so you will need to check back occasionally to see if PSO-X makes the list.

    kevlar_pso goes on to add: "This list does bring up and interesting question though. Perhaps there was a reason that PSO-X will not be playable on the 360. I know for a fact that MMO's will not require the Gold Xbox Live service. Seeing as how we have to PAY $8.95 a month on Xbox 1, minus the 2 free months in the trial period, could it be that Microsoft wants to steer more consumers towards the Gold Membership since PSO-X would only require the Free Silver membership? Or could it be something jucier, something far greater? Could it be that. . . .(gasp) PSU is in development for the 360? That Microsoft & SEGA want to pull in Phantasy Star players into Universe as opposed to Online which was ported from the GameCube which was ported from the Dreamcast? Hmmmm. . . .It's just a thought."

    by Published on Nov 11, 2005 06:06 PM
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    2. Phantasy Star Universe

    The Phantasy Star Universe site has been updated again. Unlike last week, this update was fairly substantial. If features new information about the weapons classes and grinding system. Also, a new video was released that gives an overview of the Graal System and each of the worlds! You'll be able to find the details for each of the updates below.

    PSU Worlds Video:

    This video gives a decent overview of the Graal system and each of the planets. Also, you'll see a couple of scenes with Ethan riding around on a speeding-bike-like vehicle. If you are having trouble viewing it on the official site, you can download it from us by clicking here.

    New Weapons Classes:

    There will be over 20 different weapons classes in Phantasy Star Universe. These weapons classes encompass the following: twin claws, bow & arrow, double saber, shotgun, laser, spear, saber, sword, rifle, wand, rod, and many more!

    First-Person Mode:

    As mentioned in previous updates, Phantasy Star Universe will have a first-person mode for targeting enemies. In these images, Ethan is trying to shoot down a gargoyle-like enemy.


    Just like PSO, you will be able to grind your weapon. However, you will have to visit a specialist now to be able to do it. Based on the images, grinding a weapon will increase its pp count.

    Credit goes to LoveJuice for letting us know about this update. You can discuss these updates in our Phantasy Star Universe forums.

    by Published on Nov 10, 2005 10:17 PM
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    2. PSO Blue Burst

    Earlier today, the East and West Tower quests were uploaded for the US/EU version of Blue Burst. If you've never had the opportunity to play these quests before, you will be able to see new enemies and rare weapons! Be careful since the stage is filled with mini-bosses. If you need help with these quests, be sure to consult our guides for East Tower and West Tower. Also, you will be able to add percentages to normal weapons and specials to your S-Ranks in Gallon's Shop. If you have any questions, please post them in our forum.

    Additionally, the following bug fixes were made:
    -The Reach for the Dream quest has been fixed. The quest now accepts keyboard input and is finish-able.
    -The crash in Lab Quest 5.4 will no longer crash after replaying the quest.

    NOTE: There appears to be some problems with additng percentages to weapons right now. If you have any items that you would like to add percentages to, it maybe best to wait until the problem has been resolved.

    by Published on Nov 9, 2005 06:52 PM
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    2. PSO Blue Burst

    The Episode 4 Team quest that was set to be released on Friday has been delayed until the 24th. Apparently some problems were encountered while testing the quest and they need to be resolved before it can be released. You can read the official news post here. In the meantime, if your team hasn't accumulated 3000 points, now would be a good time to earn them. If you would like to see what this quest will have like, have a look at this guide. Please note that the East and West Tower quests are still slated to be released on the 11th.

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    by Published on Oct 28, 2005 04:59 PM
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    2. Phantasy Star Universe

    This week's official site update featured a new character and showed us pictures on the Photon Arts, Party, and Cut-In-Chat system. The images are mirrored here for your convience. Also, EspioKaos has translated some of the text from the new update and has given PSOW permission to use it. So, on with the update!

    Kou Taragi

    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 33 Years
    Profile: Kou is an associate professor of engineering at a college in Parum's Lohzenom City. He began his career as a major in photon engineering, but then changed over to the research of A-photons. He taught Maya during the time that he was a photon engineering major.

    Photon Arts:

    You will be able to link different styles of Photon Arts to different weapons. For melee weapons, you will be able to use skills such as "Rising Slash" and "Cross Rush". On ranged weapons, you can link different specials with your bullets including "Burning Bullet" and "Frozen Bullet". Using these kinds of attacks will use up Photon Points.

    Party System:

    These are some standard party shots. Even though it is not shown here, we learned from a recent EGM interview that you will be able to fill up party slots in online games with Partner Robots.


    It appears the Symbol Chat system is being replaced with a scheme that will feature in-sets of character faces. These in-sets will convey emotions and a text bubble for whatever the character is trying to say. Also, photon chairs are being replaced with the amazing ability to lie on the ground!

    Credit goes to DarK-SuN and Kazuma56 for pointing out the new updates.

    You can discuss these updates in our Phantasy Star Universe forums.

    by Published on Oct 7, 2005 05:24 PM
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    The official JP PSU website was updated today with information about the three of the worlds that will be used in the game. This information includes text descriptions and images. Since the text description have not been translated yet, take a look at these images:




    Credit goes to _Tek_ for letting us know about this update. You can discuss this new information in our PSU forums.

    by Published on Sep 26, 2005 11:33 AM
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    2. PSO Blue Burst

    Since there seemed to be a lot of confusion surrounding the droprate change, Clumsyorchid clarified a few things in this thread at psobb.com.

    1. The droprate change will only take place after the Yahoo Cup ends and will run for one month.
    2. The change will only take effect if you are playing a government or guild counter quest.

    Credit goes to Deus-Irae for spotting this news.

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    by Published on Sep 8, 2005 05:40 PM
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    The counter on the Yahoo! Cup just surpassed 20 million points and the next prize has been revealed to be...

    The Nice Shot!

    Everyone that has participated in the Yahoo! Cup so far will receive the Nice Shot after September 19th. Now let's aim for 30 million!

    by Published on Sep 1, 2005 05:55 PM
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    2. PSO Blue Burst

    Challenges 1 through 5 for Episode 1 have been released for US BB. If you would like to read up on Challenge Mode, visit our Challenge Mode section. If you have any questions about Challenge Mode or would like to arrange a game, please visit our Challenge Mode forum.

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    by Published on Aug 30, 2005 12:06 PM
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    2. PSO Blue Burst

    According to the JP BB webpage, a new quest called "A Dangerous Deal with Black Paper" is being added on September 6th.

    This is a timed quest where you will be placed in an arena and try to kill as many enemies as possible. You will be awarded a prize at the end of the quest based on the number of enemies you killed and the difficulty. The only catch is that you have to trade in a Photon Crystal to be able to play this quest.

    Based on the screenshots, it seems rare enemies can appear in this quest.

    Credit goes to Saffran for pointing this quest out.

    Please visit our forums to discuss the quest further.