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    by Published on Jun 5, 2007 07:56 PM
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    The NA/EU/360 Phantasy Star Universe servers will be treated to a content update this Friday. Thanks to the official Japanese PSU site and A2K at the forums, we have a preview of what to expect when the servers come back up Friday morning.
    • Two new missions taking place in Parum's seabed plant will be added for Operation Firebreak.
    • An event commemorating the coexistence of CASTs and humans will be held in Holtes City.
    • Clyez City will be decorated with statues of Sonic and crew honoring the blue hedgehog's 16th birthday, coming up on June 23. (Also, be on the lookout for a special creature while out on missions!)
    • A little information on how to obtain the Frying Pan at the end of Operation Firebreak was released. Simply put, you must have completed all seven Firebreak missions before the close of the event in order to be eligible to receive the special weapon.

    Check out A2K's original thread for more detailed information on this update.
    by Published on May 30, 2007 06:37 AM
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    On June 26, SEGA will be releasing the Phantasy Star Universe Special Edition Texter. (PS2 ver. will retail for $34.95US while the Xbox 360 ver. will go for $39.95US.) This device introduces a new way of typing in-game to get rid of the necessity of the on-screen keyboard. (Of course, if you already have a USB keyboard, then there's no need.) Check out the link above for a short video of how this device works. Basically, it seems you use the analogue sticks on your controller (wired Xbox 360 or PS2 controllers only) to select a bracket of letters displayed by a sticker that you put on the game pad, and then you use the other stick to select one of the letters in the specified bracket.

    For those who order, the Texter will come in a special hard metal case with Phantasy Star Universe stickers and a poster. Also to be included is a special code which will get you a PSU shirt for free!

    Special thanks to AzureBlaze for pointing this out at the forums.
    by Published on May 25, 2007 08:59 PM
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    Operation Firebreak is now underway, and will be running until June 29. Unite with your fellow Guardians to rid Gurhal of the recent fire SEED outbreak! Five purification missions are currently available between the three planets of the Gurhal System. By completing these missions, you will earn points to go toward a cumulative total which will determine a number of special bonuses and prizes awarded to all Guardians at the close of the event. Also, during the event, you will be able to trade in Ban-photons for numerous special items such as the BR Burning Poster and Garment Aura. So, come on; let's get to it! We've got a lot of work to do!
    by Published on May 21, 2007 09:46 PM
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    For those interested in SonicTeam's progress with the upcoming PSU expansion, Ambition of the Illuminus, Lyrise has brought us an update. This information comes direct from the official JP PSU site in a report which details a number of suggestions that were made by Illuminus trial players during the beta period. Please note that the following information does not detail everything planned for the expansion. A number of other suggestions have been made by the player base, but these suggestions and their progress have not been made public by SonicTeam. Click the "read more" link for a synopsis of some of the bigger changes and suggestions possibly showing up in the expansion. For the full list and details, see Lyrise's post.
    • It was expected anyway, but this makes it official: your current character(s) and items will carry over to the expansion.
    • The developers are looking into reworking the battle system as many people find it a little on the monotonous side. A timing system similar to PSO's is being considered, where you could inflict more damage with well-timed attacks as opposed to a series of cursory slashes.
    • Monster attack patterns and ranges will be tweaked.
    • PA limits will not be raised above 36, however it is being considered that overwriting a PA will not reduce its level to 1 if you relearn it in the future.
    • The ability to send simple mail from a Partner Card is being worked on.
    • When grinding a weapon, if the grind fails, your weapon will not be destroyed; however the weapon will be reduced to its base stats. That particular weapon will also no longer be able to reach a maximum grind of 10. For each failure, the maximum grind will be reduced by 1.
    • NPC incapacitation will no longer affect your mission grade.
    • All mission rewards are slated to be rebalanced.
    • A "population tracker" is being considered for the official site. Basically, it would allow you to see where the current "hot spots" (missions and lobbies) are located.

    Stay tuned for future updates, as we may see occasional additions to this list as progress on the expansion steadily moves forward.
    by Published on May 17, 2007 09:12 PM
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    In the coming weeks, the Japanese PC/PS2 servers will see the start of a new event, the Famitsu Cup! A solid date has not been announced just yet, but the event is scheduled to begin around the end of May. Details are a bit sketchy at the moment, but it seems that the Famitsu Cup will work on a points system. By completing missions across Gurhal, players will earn points to go toward a rating (with 10 points totaling a perfect score) which can gain them entry into something known as the Platinum Palace where a "special event" is bound to take place. (Could we finally see the grand opening of the Commune Club in Clyez City?) It should be noted that the missions available in this event will all center around different themes including luck, friendship, perseverance and intuition. Also, a number of special items will become available during the Famitsu Cup. Some can be obtained by completing certain missions while others are gotten through currently unknown methods. These items include:
    • Bukra Famitsu - a Kubara-made wand which resembles an issue of the magazine Famitsu
    • Rappy Suit - an extremely rare set of clothing
    • Rappy Mode - a line shield unit which generates a photon Rappy feather effect
    • Song for Death - a rare grenade launcher produced by Kubara

    Special thanks to Lyrise for reporting this.
    by Published on May 16, 2007 05:21 PM
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    The previously reported issue of synthesized Deva-zashis disappearing from character inventories upon removing the completed item from your PM is scheduled to be resolved in the next maintenance period, occurring the night of May 17. Clumsyorchid reported the upcoming fix earlier today at the official PSU message board. The admin also states that items lost in this manner will be rewarded to individuals affected by this bug. Originally, it was planned to have the Deva-zashis appear in their owner's common box, however due to time constraints, the lost items will now be hand-delivered by GMs. If you were one of the few affected by this bug, expect to be contacted by a GM soon so that a time can be set up to receive your lost weapon.
    by Published on Apr 20, 2007 11:03 PM
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    SEGA held an unveiling of five new PC titles currently in the making at the Tokyo Design Center earlier today. One of the titles on show was PSU: Ambition of Illuminus. And courtesy of Impress Watch, you can now download the game's opening movie! (Left-click on the link to begin the download; right-clicking and choosing "Save As" will not work properly.) Of course, let it be stated that this video does contain spoilers, so view it at your own risk. Otherwise, enjoy!
    by Published on Apr 19, 2007 07:57 AM
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    Enterbrain Publishing will be releasing a two volume art and data collection entitled Phantasy Star Universe Data Collection on April 28 in Japan. This collection will retail for 3,150 yen (about US$30). Click the jump below to see full details on what each volume of this set will feature. Volume 1 of PSU Data Collection will feature artwork and information from Phantasy Star Universe. Here is the full table of contents.
    Chapter 1: Characters
    Story Mode
    Main Characters
    Sub Characters
    Network Mode
    Partner Machinery Stage 1
    Partner Machinery Stage 2
    Partner Machinery Stage 3
    Partner Machinery Stage 4
    Chapter 2: World
    GUARDIANS Colony
    Dungeons of the Three Planets
    Chapter 3: Enemies
    Parum (small, medium and large enemies)
    Neudaiz (small, medium and large enemies)
    Moatoob (small, medium and large enemies)
    Gurhal (small, medium and large enemies)
    RELICS (large enemies)
    Chapter 4: Weapons
    Double Sabers
    Handguns and Twin Handguns
    Grenade Launchers
    Laser Cannons
    Daggers and Twin Daggers

    Part two of this set features artwork from PSO ep.III and PSO Blue Burst. The table of contents is as follows.
    Phantasy Star Online ep.III C.A.R.D. Revolution
    The Story of PSO ep.III
    Card Gallery
    Attack Cards
    Technique Cards
    Defense Cards
    Other and Unreleased Cards
    PSO World Background
    Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst Ep.IV
    Commemorative Manga
    Item Gallery
    Enemy Gallery
    Scenery of Ragol
    The Story of PSO BB Ep.IV
    The publisher's page on this collection can be seen here. Discussion can be found here.
    by Published on Apr 17, 2007 09:27 PM
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    Next week marks the final days of the Japanese network trial for PSU: Ambition of Illuminus. In commemoration of this final run, SonicTeam will be offering a number of gifts and events to participants of the trial. These offerings include:
    1. 1,000,000 meseta given to each account. Players will find this gift in their room's common box.
    2. The daily allowance of Vol Coins at Casino Volyale will be multiplied by 10! Now you'll be able to get 1,000 bronze coins (10 silver) as opposed to the normal 100 bronze.
    3. Following the maintenance for this update, for each full hour of game time trial participants log, they will receive two PA Fragments for use in the current version of PSU with a maximum of 99 Fragments per account. Keep in mind, however, that Fragments will not be immediately available following the close of the trial. SonicTeam estimate them being available between May 10 and June 30.
    4. And finally, the Ambition of Illuminus trial will be going out with one last party: Minna de Dance Dance Fever!. Scheduled for April 21 and 22, the dance party will be hosted by Gurhal Channel 5's newscaster Hal, and will feature special guest appearances by Sonic and Tails.
    Special thanks to Lyrise for reporting this news. Further discussion can be found here.
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