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    by Published on Feb 20, 2013 01:34 PM
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    PSO2 has been updated once more, this time with part three of the Courageous Leader / Valorous Vanguard content. This latest "medium-sized" update includes a super-sized number of tweaks to the game, a new emergency quest ("Desert Guerrilla Warfare"), and a new client order. In addition, SEGA has launched a new campaign for players who clear the Desert Guerrilla Warfare quest by February 27th. Here are some more details on the update and campaign:

    Quest Updates:

  • New "Desert Guerrilla Warfare" - ????? emergency quest added to Desert field
  • New client order for NPC Jean / ??? - "How to Edit the ARKS Card!" - ????????????!
  • Campaign Updates - Emergency Quest Campaign #5:

  • Requirements: Complete "Desert Guerrilla Warfare" - ????? emergency quest
  • Campaign Period: February 20th through February 27th @ 11:00am JST
  • Rewards: (99) Grinders, (2) White Gift room items, (4) Grind Risk Reduction -1
  • Reward Delivery: March 6th during regular maintenance
  • Scheduled Quest Times: Feb 20th @ 9pm /12 midnight, Feb 22-26 @ 2pm / 9pm / 12 midnight JST
  • Gameplay Updates:

  • Many item names changed to make them easier to read (full list)
  • Matter board changes: can search multiple matters, added function to show quest/character needed for selected matter, matter board design updated ("Event Matters" now have distinct look").
  • When searching for parties in another block, players may now directly join the party after changing blocks
  • Added two new play styles to party settings, "Lively" and "Chillin'"
  • Added an exclamation mark in quest type selection screen when a branch appears in the story quest.
  • Added a new item drop for Falz Hunar in the Escape Quest
  • Added new background graphics for beginning part of Floating Continent
  • Enabled selection of duplicate makeup pattern for Makeup Pattern 1 & 2
  • Premium Set: Added feature allowing some premium users to join full blocks when "Premium Space" is available.
  • Premium Set: Players can re-use the Aesthetics (Makeup) Counter for one hour after first using the pass.
  • New setting in options allowing the changing or disabling of double-tap sensitivity for evasion moves
  • ARKS card design changed and ARKS card now editable from main menu.
  • My Shop: Added partial match functionality for item names, new message indicating if item is sold out when transitioning from search results, system now remembers previously selected storage box in shop management.
  • Players can now blacklist themselves from Arks searches at the Visiphone.
  • Improved symbol art history to save symbol arts that would have been erased when logging out.
  • New option at ship selection for first time players.
  • Added option to character overhead display to show PSN Online ID / Player ID
  • Log window will now show level of PA or Technic disks when picking them up.
  • Target display within quests will also show the special ability of target's weapon or unit
  • Accessory tickets now grayed out when used.
  • New block added for PC & PS Vita cross-play (game functions differently in this block, see differences here)
  • Balance Updates:

  • Hunter: Increased PP recovery during normal attacks with sword, wired lance & partisans
  • Hunter: Accelerated timing of Just Attacks for swords & wired lances
  • Hunter: Increased gear gauge fill with swords & wired lances
  • Hunter: Change that allows Wired Lance PA "Cerberus Dance" to be cancelled at any time by guarding
  • Reduced some requirements for equipping 2-3 star units
  • Matter Boards: Changed target enemy level to 5 for Fangalf A-5 and Galf E-1
  • Matter Boards: No longer need to clear all of Xenos COs for C-7 of "Once again history broken" board
  • Client Orders (Koffee): Some unlock conditions changed, better XP rewards, reduced clear conditions
  • Client Orders (Hans): Reduced enemy levels
  • Client Orders (Revelle): Reduced enemy levels
  • Client Orders (Echo): Improved rewards
  • Client Orders (Franca): Reduced unlock conditions
  • Client Orders (Hans, Lola, Echo, Xeno, Affin, Oza, Lisa, Marlu) - Reduced clearing conditions of starting orders
  • Client Orders: Reduced clear conditions for Fighter, Gunner, Techer orders
  • Increased likelihood of receiving a high rank on the story quest "The Beginning of the End"
  • Reduced HP of enemies below level 20.
  • Some bosses adjusted to "normal" to make them less difficult
  • Increased rare pattern reward for completing Falz Elder emergency trial
  • Premium Set: increased chance of "Premium Effects" sub-effect when consuming medical drinks
  • The technical details of this week's update are as follows:

  • Update Size: 3.4GB
  • Launcher Version: 01.05.03
  • Game Version: 1.0301.0
  • First Time Download Size: 7GB
  • This story will be updated as additional information is revealed and translated. For more details and discussion on all things relating to PSO2, be sure to head over to the PSO2 Message Boards!

    by Published on Feb 6, 2013 03:09 AM
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    This week's regularly scheduled maintenance is now complete. In addition to the client update, SEGA has announced three new campaigns and a new Arkz Museum event (click the links to see full details).

    The technical details of this week's update are as follows:

  • Update Size: 27MB
  • Launcher Version: 01.05.03
  • Game Version: 1.0202.2
  • First Time Download Size: 5.4GB
  • Don't forget, next week's update will be bringing "Courageous Leader" part two, including Advance Quests, a Pyroxene Shop update, and Lillipa Wonder Caravan scratch!

    by Published on Feb 6, 2013 01:02 AM
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    SEGA has announced its second Arkz Museum screenshot event, which is going to work similar to the Arkz Museum ATTACK from October/November last year. With the new event comes a new, exclusive "Gold Thank You Trophy" room item that players can receive if their entry is chosen for publishing in the final report.

    This time around, SEGA is looking for your best screenshots of your characters hanging out in their rooms. In particular, they want to see how your rooms reflect your character's personality. The submission guidelines are as follows:

  • Screenshot submissions can be uploaded on the official site for the event (requires SEGA ID login).
  • Screenshots must be taken in "My Room" and should only include the room's owner.
  • Chat features are allowed (baloons, cut-ins, quotations, lobby actions)
  • Interface should be off (with show chat option)
  • Symbol Art is not allowed.
  • Two screenshots must be submitted (one with your player ID showing, one without)
  • Screenshots must be unpublished and created specifically for this event.
  • Screenshots have a 1MB size limit
  • Do not crop images.
  • Submissions not sent via the official form will not be accepted.

  • The submission period will run from February 6th through February 27th @ 4:00pm JST and when it ends, SEGA will review all of the entries and choose the best ones to publish in a "final report." Players who have their entries chosen will receive the Gold Trophy room item. We'll update this article with more information as it is translated and/or revealed. To everyone entering, have fun and good luck!

    by Published on Feb 6, 2013 12:26 AM
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    The latest update for Phantasy Star Online 2 (JP) bring three more player campaigns from SEGA. With rewards ranging from the usual grinders, to some unique room items and accessories, there's a little something for everyone. Check out the details:

    Comeback & Thanks Campaign

  • Requirements: Log in during campaign period with a character level 10 or above.
  • Campaign Period: February 6th through February 20th @ 11:00am JST
  • Rewards: (1) Hina Doll room item, (1) Princess Hairpin accessory, (1) Eboshi accessory
  • Bonus Requirements: Log in with a lvl 10+ character that has not logged in since Jan 9th
  • Bonus Rewards: (4) +50% XP Booster, (4) +50% Rare Drop Booster
  • Reward Delivery: February 27th during regular maintenance

  • Emergency Quest Campaign #4

  • Requirements: Clear Emergency Quest "Approaching Dark Arms" - ??????
  • Campaign Period: February 6th through February 13th @ 11:00am JST
  • Scheduled Quest Appearances:
  • Friday, February 8th @ 2pm, 9pm, 12 midnight JST
  • Saturday, February 9th @ 2pm, 9pm, 12 midnight JST
  • Sunday, February 10th @ 2pm, 9pm, 12 midnight JST
  • Monday, February 11th @ 2pm, 9pm, 12 midnight JST
  • Tuesday, February 12th @ 2pm, 9pm, 12 midnight JST
  • Rewards: (99) Grinders
  • Reward Delivery: February 20th during regular maintenance

  • Valentine's Quest Campaign #2

  • Requirements: Clear client orders from NPCs "Franca" and "Hans"
  • Campaign Period: February 6th through February 13th @ 11:00am JST
  • Rewards: Franca: (2) Valentine's Mugs, Hans: (2) Valentine's Gift
  • Reward Delivery: February 20th during regular maintenance

  • For the latest info and discussion on these campaigns, be sure to check out the PSO2 Forums!

    by Published on Feb 4, 2013 12:00 PM
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    SEGA has released a new teaser video and information for February 13th's content update, part two of the "Courageous Leader" (also being called "Valorous Vanguard") update from January 23rd. This latest update to Phantasy Star Online 2 will bring new Advance Quests, an updated Pyroxene Shop, and the Lillipa Wonder Caravan scratch rotation. Check out the video below:

    In order to run the new Advance Quests, party members will need to pay the designated number of Advance Capsules, which can be purchased in the shop for 50,000 meseta each (and also acquired in some way through advance quests, apparently). The party leader can pay the fee for the whole party, or each member can pay individually.

    To start off, there will be three types of Advance Quests (Forest, Caves, and Desert), with three different types of corresponding Advance Capsules (Advanced Capsules A, B, and C). These quests will be available starting at level 45. Completing them will level up a player's Advance Risk, a stat that will increase enemy rate and level the more Advance Quests you complete. This stat will reset every week.

    In the Advance Quests, players will be able to find new pyroxenes which can be traded in at the updated Pyroxene Shop for more powerful versions of existing weapons (ie: trade a stone + a specified weapon for a more powerful version of that weapon).

    Lastly, the update will contain the Lillipa Wonder Caravan fashion update, previously mentioned in SEGA's 2013 roadmap. The new scratch rotation will include a number of new costumes and accessories, including the Lillipa suit, Shii's outfit (the event quest NPC), and more.

    A big thanks to mailsonds for posting about the update and video in our forums. Be sure to check out the thread for more pictures and information!

    by Published on Feb 1, 2013 12:01 PM
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    SEGA has updated their roadmap for Phantasy Star Online 2 in Japan, giving a brief rundown of the content they will be rolling out this year. The update doesn't cover the whole year, but does map out the first half. Here's what they have planned:

    Mid-February - Lilipa Wonder Caravan (Fashion Update)

  • New Costumes (looks to include Lilipa costume, aka PSO2 ewok)
  • New Hairstyles
  • New Accessories
  • New Voices
  • New Lobby Actions
  • February 28th - Phantasy Star Online 2 Vita Release

  • New Boss: Chrome Dragon (releasing on PSO2 Vita first)
  • New Item Drops
  • New Client Orders
  • New Interrupt Event
  • New Emergency Quest
  • New Rare Boss (late March)
  • New Advanced Quest (mid-March)
  • New Item Category (late March)
  • New Team Room Features (late March)
  • Spring / Late March Content Update

  • Chapter 9 Story Quest: "The First Farewell" (releasing on PSO2 Vita first)
  • Side Story Quest: "Arks Combat Tournament" (releasing on PSO2 PC first)
  • "Universe Star" Fashion Update (PSU costumes?)
  • White Day Lobby, Event, & Fashion Update
  • "Solemn Guardian" Update (tentative)

  • Level Cap Increase: Level 60
  • New Field
  • New Boss
  • New Enemies
  • Fashion Update
  • Limited-TIme Event & Lobby
  • "Phantom Tower" Update (tentative)

  • New Advanced Quest
  • New Quest Type
  • Fashion Update
  • Limited-Time Event & Lobby
  • One-Year Anniversary Update (tentative)

  • New "Collaboration Enemy" (possibly a new ship-wide boss, like Falz Arms / Falz Elder?)
  • First Anniversary Quest
  • Fashion Update
  • Limited-Time Event & Lobby
  • PSO2 for Smartphones

  • Releasing sometime in 2013
  • A user test will be scheduled separately

  • Thanks once again to Maronji for posting the news in our Phantasy Star Online 2 forums!

    by Published on Feb 1, 2013 12:16 AM
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    SEGA has released a new, lengthy promotional trailer for Phantasy Star Online 2's upcoming Vita release. The video, which is over six minutes long, is an extended version of the promo trailer previously released back in December. Check it out:

    PSO2 Vita will be releasing February 28th in Japan and the closed beta recently ended. While the PC and Vita versions will be sharing the same servers, there are some differences that you can read about here. So far, there has been no news yet on if we'll see a localized version in the West. A big thanks to Maronji for posting the video in our PSO2 forums!

    by Published on Jan 30, 2013 01:26 AM
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    SEGA has announced a new campaign involving the latest limited-time emergency quest in Phantasy Star Online 2. Players completing the quest "Where's the Chocolate" / "The Missing Chocolate" between January 30th and February 6th @ 11:00am JST will receive a reward of (99) Grinders.

    To ensure that everyone gets a chance at participating, they've also posted a list of days and times when the quest is guaranteed to appear. Here's the schedule:

  • Friday, February 1st @ 11am / 2pm / 12 midnight JST
  • Saturday, February 2nd @ 11am / 2pm / 12 midnight JST
  • Sunday, February 3rd @ 11am / 2pm / 12 midnight JST
  • The times will be 14 hours earlier for EST (-15 CST / -16 MST / -17 PST). The quest can be cleared on any difficulty and the prizes will be distributed during routine maintenance on February 13th, 2013.

    by Published on Jan 30, 2013 01:07 AM
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    SEGA has announced that their fifth live broadcast for Phantasy Star Online 2 will air on February 2nd on Niconico Nama. Like previous broadcasts, the show will by hosted by Haruko Momoi, Ichitaro Ai, guest Atsuko Enomoto, and PSO2 producer Satoshi Sakai. Here's a brief rundown of what will be included:

  • Over 100 minutes of Live PSO2 gameplay and information
  • PSO2 Vita featured
  • The hosts challenge a formidable enemy
  • More info on the "Courageous Leader" content updates for PSO2 PC
  • Details about upcoming PSO2 character voiceovers

  • The broadcoast starts at 10pm in Japan, with doors opening at 9:50pm JST. To those of us in the Western hemisphere, this should be around 8:00am EST / 7:00am CST / 6:00am MST / 5:00am PST. To view the broadcast, click here.

    by Published on Jan 23, 2013 01:27 PM
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    Phantasy Star Online 2 (JP) has received its latest content update (previously revealed last week), which includes limited-time Valentine's content, level cap increase to 55, new quests, new items, and a bunch of new costumes and accessories in the AC and FUN scratch rotation. Here's a brief run-down of what has been added:

    Valentine's Content (through February 20th, 2013)

  • Valentine's lobby decorated with hearts and teddy bears
  • Limited-time client orders from NPC Shii (also part of a new campaign)
  • New Emergency Quest: "The Missing Chocolate" (w/ cake sister appearance)
  • Love Rappies with exclusive item drops
  • Limited time Pico Pico Hammer & Pink Rappy Fan items
  • "Sweet Honey Valentine" scratch rotation (length of availability unknown)

  • Additional Content & Changes

  • Level cap increase from 50 to 55 (remaining EXcube xp will count toward lvl 51)
  • New Time Attack Quest: Marathon Training: Naberius II (???????????)
  • A large scratch update (see pics here, includes "Sweet Honey Valentine")
  • Increased number of stored symbol art to 40 for Premium Set players
  • Increased the power and animation speed of the "Over-end" photon art
  • Decreased equipment requirements for some ?7 weapons.
  • "Significantly" Increased rewards for Daily Orders
  • Decreased some achievement conditions for team orders

  • The technical details of this patch are as follows:

  • Update Size: 1.4GB
  • Launcher Version: 01.05.03
  • Game Version: 1.0202.0
  • First Time Download Size: 5.4GB
  • Be sure to hit up the forums for more discussion on this update, particularly this thread (thanks Syklo!)

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