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Ambition of the Illuminus
New content for June 6!
By EspioKaos at 06/03/2008 - 1:28pm
Ambition of the IlluminusContent notes for our upcoming June 6 update were just released! Here's what we can expect to see this Friday:

Seasonal lobbies - Wedding bells are ringing out all across Gurhal once again! Each city will be decorated for the wedding season from June 6 until June 20.

New story mission - "Farewell to Mother," the fourth chapter of Episode 3, will have Guardians investigating mysterious A-Photon waves emanating from somewhere on Parum. Remember that you must have completed the third chapter in order to play this one.

New free mission - "The Dark God" has Guardians traveling further into Rykros where they'll face the newly reborn Dark Falz!

New items - Variety Shop and Casino Voloyal will be updated with many new items!

System update - The long-awaited photon art experience update will be arriving on this day! Will this update, skills and TECHNICs will gain experience two times faster than before while bullets will gain experience three time faster.

Thanks to S4CT4L1TY and Mysterious-G for the news tips! Feel free to join in the discussion of this update in the forum!

MAG extension planned for late June
By EspioKaos at 05/26/2008 - 8:34am
Ambition of the IlluminusOver the weekend, news came in concerning the delay of the previously announced Maximum Attack G extension. Now SEGA are reporting that we can expect the extension to begin at some point in late June. They also say that this will not delay any content already scheduled for June. Furthermore, all rewards from both runs of MAG will be issued after the two week extension has come to an end.

MAG extension postponed
By Ryna at 05/23/2008 - 4:49pm
Ambition of the IlluminusIn an unexpected turn of events, the previously announced Maximum Attack G extension has been postponed. To quote GM Chillaura:

We are unable to provide the Maximum Attack G extension tonight as promised. While we still would like to run the extension for those who were unable to fully participate in the four week event due to our billing problems, we now have to adjust our plans and see how this will affect our schedule for new content.

We are well aware that the community is fed up with continuing problems and the lack of adequate explanations, but we still do not have an answer for you.

SEGA and Sonic Team are still working on the billing system, as well as many other PSU and network issues, and we are trying to get an official statement from SEGA management for you.

Thanks to Kylie for the news tip. Stay tuned as we await further information on this story.

160 million kills achieved!
By EspioKaos at 05/21/2008 - 4:18pm
Ambition of the IlluminusEspioKaos writes, "We have just broken the 160 million point mark in Maximum Attack G! The reward for achieving this milestone is a 20% boost to weapon and line shield synthesis rates for two weeks. Great work, Guardians!"

140 million mark reached!
By EspioKaos at 05/17/2008 - 8:41pm
Ambition of the IlluminusExcellent work, Guardians! We've reached and passed the 140 million point mark in Maximum Attack G, earning everyone a two week period of free makeovers from Lumilass! This reward, along with our many others, will be issued shortly after the end of MAG.

Keep up the great work. Our next stop is 160 million!

Maximum Attack G Extended for 2 Weeks
By Ryna at 05/16/2008 - 7:10am
Ambition of the IlluminusIn response to the recent billing server issues, Sega has decided to extend the Maximum Attack G event by two weeks. The current leaderboards will be frozen on the 22nd and a new set started. Additional details about the new leaderboards will be released at a later date. Also, the Error 65 issue has temporarily been resolved for all PC/Playstation 2 Phantasy Star Universe players. If you received the dreaded Error 65, you will receive one free month of gameplay. Credit goes to Alecc for letting us know about this news. You can share your reactions to this development in this thread.

120 Million Milestone Reached
By Ryna at 05/13/2008 - 2:22pm
Ambition of the IlluminusThe 120 million kill milestone prize, the Rappy Tip dagger, has been unlocked! To be eligible to receive this prize, you must have run the Maximum Attack G mission at least once during the event period. This prize will be distributed after the event ends.

100 million MAG milestone reached!
By EspioKaos at 05/10/2008 - 11:11am
Ambition of the IlluminusCongratulations, Guardians! We've successfully killed over 100 million enemies in Maximum Attack G. Our reward for this is a new bonus mission called Program DF! This mission can be accessed after clearing the main event mission. It contains an encounter with a new boss and has several new item drops!

Keep up the hard work. Our next goal is 120 million!

New Maximum Attack Trade-in Items are Available
By Ryna at 05/09/2008 - 1:16pm
Ambition of the IlluminusThe Maximum Attack G item-exchange mission, Gifts from Beyond, was updated today with the following items and trade-in costs: This should be the last update for the item-exchange mission for the duration of the event.

80 Million Kills
By Ryna at 05/06/2008 - 3:46pm
Ambition of the IlluminusMaximum Attack G players have unlocked the 80 million kill milestone prize - a 15% synthesis success bonus for weapons and line shields. This bonus will go into effect sometime after the event ends. Let's press on to 100 million!


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