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New Quests Available
By gideon at 02/23/2001 - 1:36am
PSOWlanzer writes, "The Japanese official web page just announced three new quests available. One is a 3rd level on-line quest and the others are downloadable quests, one taking up 73blocks and the other 37 blocks off the VMU. To download the new quests, get on-line, and a choice for downlaod should be apparent under "Ship Select". It did make a note that during the download of the on-line quest, the screen might freeze for up to one minute. So do not turn off or reset your DC during that time. Also there is a warning - Do not access your main menu when your quest is being loaded."

Gamespy PSO article up!
By gideon at 02/22/2001 - 8:01pm
PSOWGo check it out on the front page:

What does everyone think of this article?

More info on server down
By gideon at 02/21/2001 - 10:36pm
PSOWwatashiwa writes, "Sorry for all these, but . . The time it will be down is Midnight EST to 4am EST on 2/22. The servers could go up and down at any time on the 23rd, but that is the day they stop all maintenance unless posted."

watashiwa was the first to write in regarding this... thank you for the submission

Server down
By gideon at 02/21/2001 - 10:35pm
Generalwatashiwa writes, "Around 8:30pm, scariest thing happened today. While everyone was playing PSO, a number appeared with Japanese characters to the right. (A bunch of Japanese characters.) And apparently, the number was counting down from 10. Decrasing every minute. Now it was all scary to us playing, because we thought maybe someone was hacking the server, or debugging or something and we'd lose all our stuff. Anyways, when it was near zero we all said our goodbyes and "Nice knowing you", etc,. When it finally hit zero, everyone and their mom was booted off the PSO Universe. Hehe. This is just an early warning to players. When you see that happen while you're playing, don't be alarmed like we were. It's just that the server is going down and they're warning you although you cannot read WTF they are saying to you. :-)"

Rare Weapons on PSO check the pics out from
By gideon at 02/21/2001 - 5:30pm
PSOWgodfree writes, "Yes I got to give them thanks for showing some Pics of 2 weapons they have spotted.. lets see what else we are going to get... go here and read it: "

That blue humar looks pretty familiar :)

Art Contest
By gideon at 02/21/2001 - 9:33am
PSOWGod writes, "This is just your friendly reminder, the Art Contest is STILL going on. We need more submissions in order to truly deem it a contest. Everyone has until the end of this month to submit their work. Please send all submissions to
The winner has the option of having their work featured on one of the official PSO World T-Shirts!

Good luck!

Updates Updates
By gideon at 02/21/2001 - 8:47am
PSOWGod writes, "Along with many new items/weapons. We are proud to unleash the MAG Guide!@#$. This is still a work in progress, but please.. check it out. Also the SectionID Calculator has been changed to reflect what type an ID is. We hope you like our newest additions and we would like to give a thank you to nozedive for his generous submission to PSO World. Without which the MAG Guide would have not been possible. Also we would like to thank Lynx for his continual submission of top quality images.

-The PSO World Team

MAG Guide
Section ID Calculator

A death in the community.
By gideon at 02/20/2001 - 10:53pm
PSOWGod writes, "It is a sad day when any part of the community is lost. Tonight Yue closed the doors to his great PSO site, While this is a considerable loss to the community, it is not the end for him! Among other projects, Yue will be donating his talents to PSO World. Together, with this newest addition to the PSO World Team, we have much planned for everyone in the coming weeks.. including server stability :).

One of his other projects mentioned, an online comic called Skewed View. MUST be checked out. Good stuff:

Mags galore
By gideon at 02/20/2001 - 8:19pm
GeneralBlondZombi writes, "Found a site with a ton of images of different mags. If you are interested go to this site and check out some of the cool mags available. Good luck and happy hunting."

Ask Questions to Sonic Team about PSO web Page
By gideon at 02/20/2001 - 8:04pm
Generalgodfree writes, "Yes alot of people are wondering about updates on the PSO official website. Since then game been launch they havent said no word, no news, no nothing, no updates.... NOw how we are going to be aware about all the news?? Well Thank god for PSO world if not we would of gone crazy. But remember in SOnic Adventure they had updates all the time at least once a week.. but now is our turn to find out whats going on.. email Sonic Team at [email protected] and ask them whats going on.. whats up with new missions? new levels? or any type of news.. but mention about PSO world so they can give news to them so we can make this the official PSO site :) thanks for the whole staff for workin and hard and to all the fans for help this site grow.... I am a fan and will always help one love... (Godfree from PSO) "


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