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PSO Review From (I dont like this review)
By gideon at 02/20/2001 - 7:58pm
Generalgodfree writes, "click readmore for the review..."

A copy and past review from people who dont seem to have actually played the game.

Server Problems Again
By Tomeeboy at 02/20/2001 - 11:31am
GeneralIt seems the problem with the server wasn't fixed last night, because I noticed it starting back up just a little while ago. It appears that the site is getting overloaded with traffic, but it might just be a problem with one of the scripts that we use.Whatever the case, we're going to be working on getting it fixed... but there's no telling how long it's going to take to figure out the problem, so bear with us.

Until the problem is resolved, you might notice slow load times or get errors when accessing the site. If this happens, wait for a little while and give it another try. Sorry for any inconvenience.

-The PSO World Team

Advertising with PSO World
By gideon at 02/20/2001 - 5:20am
PSOWGod writes, "Unfortunately... PSO World has reached the point where it must start to feed itself. We plan to use small unobtrusive advertisments that shouldnt affect your browsing (NO POPUPS).

If you are interested in advertising with a site that recieves 60,000++ pageviews of highly focused traffic a day, please contact us:

Server troubles
By gideon at 02/19/2001 - 7:58pm
GeneralGod writes, "We're sorry to say the site has been experiencing serious load issues in the past few hours. We're working hard to get these issues resolved. Sorry for any trouble anyone has been having with access.

-The PSO World Team
Update 5:45AM Fixed! Or so we think.. :). If anyone notices the same problems we had last night, please.. email us. Also, during the repairs we managed to sneak a few other fixes/additions. First of all the email notification in the forums is fixed, so all future topics creators who do not want to be notified of responses will not be.

Now for the additions:
All usernames in memberlist should link to their profile. The SectionID calculator got a few backend updates. And there have been minor cosmetic changes to a few sections of the site. Let us know if you experience any other problems. :)

RE: Hidden area in Ruins
By gideon at 02/19/2001 - 6:07pm
Generalwatashiwa writes, "The missing purple switch is NOT always there in the hidden area that gameraddict9 was referring to. It just depends on the map you get. The area is always there though. Sometimes the boxes are surrounded by a blue force field which must be shut off in the same room by a switch on one of the room's walls."

Hidden area in Ruins
By gideon at 02/19/2001 - 3:46pm
gameaddict9 writes, "In the Ruins, there is a hidden area hidden behind a BIG waterfall. It's in a big room, and at the other end of the room there is a big waterfall, if you walk behind it, and I think a little to the right, you will walk down a ramp. When you get down there, there will be about 6 boxes, filled with really sweet goodies. And the Missing PURPLE SWITCH! Use it wisely, I usually wait for everybody to pass by me, then go down it, so they don't get none, cuz I'm serious, there are some really good things down there.

Andrew Basti - Gameaddict

ODCM : Change Partners and Dance!
By gideon at 02/19/2001 - 3:41pm
GeneralSkee writes, " Just read this at PlanetDreamcast.....With the Official Dreamcast Magazine being tossed from the printing presses, everyone who still had a subscription to it will recieve issues of Next Gen instead. I'm kinda' iffy about that. It's nice they just don't mark cancel on their subscribers , but I'd rather have my money back!

Check it out :

By gideon at 02/18/2001 - 11:27pm
PSOWThere was a rumor going around in Japan about an outer space level being accessible in Phantasy Star Online when you max out your experience points. Unfortunately, the rumor retains no truth. This doesn't mean that we won't see any new levels, but it's not looking too likely. I'm just waiting for some more missions... (GODFREE from PSO)

Speaking of E-Bay....
By gideon at 02/18/2001 - 9:21pm
GeneralSkee writes, "Congratulations to E-Bay member "itstrueitstrue92" for purchasing Item #1213705375, the Handgun +1! Yes, now you will be the envy of all your friends with this handy dandy little gadget. See its luster and shine, not to mention its glowing or something. Thrill as the tiny little thing goes "Pop Pop Pop!" against your hated enemies right before they walk up to you and smash your face in! And to think, you gave up two dollars of real money for that baby! Way to go, dude!

Everyone, you can see his monumental purchase right here! Woo! Woo!

By gideon at 02/18/2001 - 7:59pm
GeneralNow I've seen it all folks. You can truly by anything on online auctions. Yahoo Japan, famous for selling damn near anything now has Phantasy Star Online items up for grabs. Most of them starting at 500 yen, and not really going, it doesn't really catch ones eye. But one items like a Twin Brand goes for 9,000 yen, and a Holy Lay goes for over 30,000 yen, you start to wonder. (GODFREE From PSO)

Ebay is not free from the PSO auctions, everything from double sabers.. to 5,000 meseta?


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