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Speaking of E-Bay....
By gideon at 02/18/2001 - 9:21pm
GeneralSkee writes, "Congratulations to E-Bay member "itstrueitstrue92" for purchasing Item #1213705375, the Handgun +1! Yes, now you will be the envy of all your friends with this handy dandy little gadget. See its luster and shine, not to mention its glowing or something. Thrill as the tiny little thing goes "Pop Pop Pop!" against your hated enemies right before they walk up to you and smash your face in! And to think, you gave up two dollars of real money for that baby! Way to go, dude!

Everyone, you can see his monumental purchase right here! Woo! Woo!

By gideon at 02/18/2001 - 7:59pm
GeneralNow I've seen it all folks. You can truly by anything on online auctions. Yahoo Japan, famous for selling damn near anything now has Phantasy Star Online items up for grabs. Most of them starting at 500 yen, and not really going, it doesn't really catch ones eye. But one items like a Twin Brand goes for 9,000 yen, and a Holy Lay goes for over 30,000 yen, you start to wonder. (GODFREE From PSO)

Ebay is not free from the PSO auctions, everything from double sabers.. to 5,000 meseta?

Sega plans for anti-cheating crusade on PSO
By gideon at 02/18/2001 - 5:25pm
GeneralSpectre54 writes, "Hey guys, your most active news submitter is back after a long hiatus (playing PSO). It seems that sega is working on a means to stop the great amounts of cheating that have been going on in PSO servers. Sega is working on using meseta monitering, and game duration screening. The server might look at the time you played your game, if your a lvl 100 and you've only played for 4 hours....well your busted. Also in the news: Gun Valkyrie is stated for a Q4 2001 release as one of the last DC games (along with Shenmue 2). G.V is a game that finally utilizes the lightgun's D-pad, you can move your character and shoot with your gun at the same time! Sega is (as always) the first to inovate this unique concept. Long Live Sega!"

PSO Perfect Guide Not that Perfect
By gideon at 02/18/2001 - 9:40am
PSOWMrgrfx writes, "Just wanted to let everyone know that they do not have to run out and buy this guide. I looked at this weekend, and I must say it is not all that perfect. It is however, one of the best ones out. Here are a few things I found to be missing: Special Mags like Chao, or Nightoopian, or any of them really, a special weapons list (aside from the 4 or 5 they list), tips on raising each mag (like the guide a gamefaqs that someon posted earlier). This guide is great to have as a reference and for someone who wants to find out some great information, but for the hardcore gamers, that want everything the game has to offer, your best bet is to stay right here and read the forums, and find the latest info. from the website."

Multiple Memory Cards and Phantasy Star Online
By gideon at 02/18/2001 - 2:41am
KLin-304 writes, "I posted this in the forum before, but not everyone checks out every forum message. "

Don't lose your items online
By gideon at 02/18/2001 - 2:39am
Ratsmack writes, "Okay, I posted this in the general forum, but I think it's important that everyone see it. When online, any time your game freezes, you can simply disconnect your phone line and after a minute, it will say game over, and after pressing SAVES. No loss of items. Also, you can try a soft reset (Start+A+B+Y+X and HOLD), although this didn't work a few times for me."

mag evolution does NOT cease...
By gideon at 02/18/2001 - 2:38am
Dr_Shnee writes, "As most of you know, your mags don't stop evolvong after level 50. It may seem a little random, but here's how it works: your mag's evolution relies upon it's stats, and which is dominant (only between mind, power, and dexterity). Every five levels after 50, if the stats are not in the same order that they were in before, the mag will change. For example, say your mag is level 55 and the order of its stats are Power, Mind and Dexterity (from highest stat level to lowest stat level). If at mag level 60 the order of stats change (say Dexterity gets a higher level than Mind, or Mind becomes higher than Power), your mag will evolve. If the order remains the same, your mag will remain the same."

Waiting Trick
By gideon at 02/17/2001 - 6:03pm
GeneralRamirez writes, "Heres a little trick you can do while entering a game. At the screen with the white light in the center, move the joystick or pad and your'll see a yellow orb of light move. Not that special, but it gives you something to do insted of waiting! :)"

PSO Glitch, Immortal Hildabears
By gideon at 02/17/2001 - 6:02pm
GeneralRamirez writes, "I have discovered a PSO Glitch. If you do the Online Quest where you have to retreive the lost heat sword, and you go into the teleporter to the small room near the boss teleporter, 2 hildabears will attack. Don't bother to retaliate, for they are immortal. Very weird."

Player Differences
By gideon at 02/17/2001 - 5:59pm
GeneralSpacemanBill writes, "This may not be important at all, but I have noticed something—Japanese players are WAY different than we are!

Instead of seeing endless Sephiroths or RAmars in black, you see endless armies of midget Forces! It's quite odd, in my opinion.

I had logged onto a Japanese server (hoping to befriend a few and get spiffy items), to find a lobby full of the afore-mentioned Forces. Most looked a lot alike. I shrugged it off and joined a game.

There, yet again, were the tiny magic-users. They were playing like Hunters and Rangers, however. Two were armed with Double Sabers (I bought one, heh heh), and another with a Gatling Gun.

So if you're bugged out by all those Hunters and Rangers on the US Servers, keep this in mind.

Coming soon: Europeans!"


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