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Another big crash
By gideon at 02/17/2001 - 4:10pm
Generalhorr0rstory writes, "I'm not sure why it's happening alot lately, but another big crash happened last nite at around 3am eastern time. The entire server went down, and everyone was kicked off. On an odd note: as the crash was starting I was with my buds at the end boss stage where all the little spikey barbs were. The three of us successfully destroyed ALL the barbs before standing around wondering what was happening. Then poof. But hey, seeing the entire board cleared of barbs was kind of cool."

PSO Official Perfect Guide
By gideon at 02/17/2001 - 4:09pm
PSOWRoscoe writes, "Just came back from the store (formerly Funcoland) and picked up the PSO Strategy Guide (see a few news items down to purchase your own from amazon).

The guide is quite encyclopedic, has pictures of nearly all mags (though the only two MagCell mags they show are the Opa Opa and MechaChao, which is even leeter than that crazy angel one you can see on the PSO Jazz site), all weapons, all different face/hair/body styles etc., maps for all levels and all guild quests. Most of it is information that can be found on this site -- in fact this site offers more info than the official book does -- but it's still nice to have it all illustrated and analog.

Plus there's a gargantuan poster included that I think I just might be nerdy enough to put on my wall.

One correction though, the Holy Ray item as commented on a few news items down is not a mag but a rare weapon. And has anyone gotten an Egg Blaster in the game? It's a sort of modified looking handgun with the Dr. Robotnik/Eggman logo on the end of the barrel. I want one.

Buy it now at!


Tekker Specialties
By gideon at 02/16/2001 - 9:38pm
PSO_Krunk writes, "I've discovered that each Tekker is best at identifying a certain kind of item. When an item is identified correctly, a musical chord plays- it is very recognizable. The short, fat Tekker is best at identifying swords and bladed weapons. The tall, skinny Tekker with a very round head is best at identifying guns. The last Tekker is good at identifying wands. Hang on to your ??? items until the right Tekker is at the counter. And keep in mind that even the right Tekker can mis-identify an item."

The Many MAGs of Phantasy Star Online from
By gideon at 02/16/2001 - 9:37pm
GeneralA very good news and info on how many MAGs in PSO so you want to know this news will give you some details about a site that talks about it enjoy... (GODFREE from PSO)

R.I.P. Official Dreamcast Magazine..... :****(
By gideon at 02/16/2001 - 9:36pm
GeneralWell after reading this news now I am really feel close of the death of SEGA Dreamcast. (dreamcast) talked about the end of ODCM the last issue with Spider Man on the cover will be the last one for good. So no review of PSO, no more exclusive coverage of DC, no more GD-Roms, no more Dreamcast mag.... I have all the issues, and gd-roms.. is a sad moment for all of us in the Dreamcast world. Now with this news what will be next? We will keep you posted..... P.s. found it wierd like 2 weeks ago I tried to go to and it wasnt going on to the site now I know why... Thanks guys for showing us everything and the real talent about Dreamcast.. the best console ever made.. RIP ODCM (GODFREE FROM PSO)...

Server Crash Last Night
By gideon at 02/16/2001 - 4:08pm
PSOWgodfree writes, "Last Night I went online to play and I was in the lobby. Everybody were talking about a crash that happened a couple of times. Also I notice that not alot of People were online. On Oberon only had 668 people and that never happened. Well a few mins later a big server crash happened last night and everybody gotten kick off. I lost all my money, people lost items, and alot of people were mad. So becareful try to save your game to your email (for more info read and older news how to do that in PSO world). Peace (Godfree from PSO)"

SegaNet and 5 months instead of 50hrs free? from
By gideon at 02/16/2001 - 4:07pm
Generalgodfree writes, "Yesterday, we reported Sega's announcement that the free trial offer period for SegaNet was officially ending on Feburary 15, 2001. If you were one of the early registrants for the 50 free hours on NFL 2k1, what you thought was going to be "50 free hours" actually turned out to be a 5-month unlimited trial period. Lucky you!
***This will be good news for all of you PSO players that wants to play with Sega Net, I been having Sega Net for a long time now I have to check today to see if I still have it. Any news please post it on PSO World.(GODFREE from PSO)***

PSO 2 Announced
By gideon at 02/16/2001 - 4:05pm
PSOWFaded writes, "--- Cut from --- (edited a bit)

Charles Bellfield, Sega of America's vice-president for marketing and communications has brought good little children everywhere the news that Sega would be releasing Phantasy Star Online 2 for the Sega Dreamcast by year's end.

-- End Cut --

Well it seems as if we'll all be playing PSO for a long time to come.

PSO Perfect Guide
By gideon at 02/16/2001 - 12:53am
GeneralGod writes, "Ready to purchase the PSO perfect guide?

"Phantasy Star. The very name inspires awe and reverence among gamers. Long have they awaited the Dreamcast debut - and now, it's here! In this guide you'll find insanely detailed maps, full appendices voering all characters and events, in-depth training and world coverage, secret tricks and codes, all optional paths explained and no story spoilers!"


Holy Ray MAG & Sega's visual BBS
By gideon at 02/16/2001 - 12:13am
Lanzer writes, "A new MAG was recently reported. The name is Holy Ray. You can see it at Sega's visual BBS, URL below. The BBS has other pictures like pics of the Shinowa blades, the axe, Akito, etc.

Picture of Holy Ray


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