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PSO Perfect Guide
By gideon at 02/16/2001 - 12:53am
GeneralGod writes, "Ready to purchase the PSO perfect guide?

"Phantasy Star. The very name inspires awe and reverence among gamers. Long have they awaited the Dreamcast debut - and now, it's here! In this guide you'll find insanely detailed maps, full appendices voering all characters and events, in-depth training and world coverage, secret tricks and codes, all optional paths explained and no story spoilers!"


Holy Ray MAG & Sega's visual BBS
By gideon at 02/16/2001 - 12:13am
Lanzer writes, "A new MAG was recently reported. The name is Holy Ray. You can see it at Sega's visual BBS, URL below. The BBS has other pictures like pics of the Shinowa blades, the axe, Akito, etc.

Picture of Holy Ray

PSO and Web Browser 2.6 **MUST READ***
By gideon at 02/15/2001 - 9:06pm
Generalgodfree writes, "A word of caution if you plan to use them both... As you may be aware, Phantasy Star Online ships with a serial number and access key, used to register your copy of the game. When you first play PSO, these serial numbers are saved to the DC's internal memory. Also, when you actually connect online to play for the first time, they are automatically registered with the PSO servers.

All is fine and dandy, until you load up the Web Browser 2.6 (to check SV for the latest goodies, of course). For some strange reason, this version of the browser will occasionally "flash" your DC's internal memory... which will of course, wipe out your serial number and key access information. The next time you try to play online (and re-enter your serial info), you will get a message stating your information has already been registered. Yup, you're stuck.

At this point, you can contact Sega's technical support (1-800-USA-SEGA) and they will issue you a new serial number and access key. Be warned though, if you continue to use the 2.6 browser it can happen all over again.
Bottom line? Ditch the 2.6 browser, and go for an earlier version. PSO or the browser.... hmm, tough choice (GODFREE from PSO)

PSO & Shenmue Dominate Sales Charts news from
By gideon at 02/15/2001 - 9:05pm
Generalgodfree writes, "Sega snags 3 spots in the top 5, says PC Data...

Good news for Sega! In the week ending February 3, Sega-published Dreamcast games take 1st, 2nd and 4th place in overall console game sales. While PSO's 1st place debut is notable considering that it was released mid-week, the big surprise is Shenmue's re-entry into the charts at #2. Obviously, Sega's price slashing of the DC from $149 to $99 is a major factor.

Here's the list:

1) Phantasy Star Online - Dreamcast
2) Shenmue — Dreamcast
3) Oni — PlayStation 2
4) NBA 2K1 — Dreamcast
5) Mario Tennis — Game Boy Color
6) Madden NFL 2001 - PlayStation 2
7) Pokémon Silver — Game Boy Color
8) Xena Warrior Princess — Nintendo 64
9) Pokémon Gold — Game Boy Color
10) Driver 2 — PS One

Source: SwirlVision

PSO PERFECT GUIDE from vs. books hitting stores soon!
By gideon at 02/15/2001 - 7:46pm
Generalsamhainmisfit666 writes, "the official and exclusive guide from versus books is hitting retail very soon. sega worked closely with them to make this guide as extensive as possible. i have seen it selling at for $15. but it is still on order. some interesting bits to yearn for: sonic the hedgehog and the chao creatures are super-secret MAGS! complete weapons and id guide, as well as a guide for the translator contained in the game. no more trying to figure the darn thing out. go to to order your copy, or look for it at your local retailer soon."

The MAGs are made from MagCells, which are VERY rare.

Avoid death blows by last boss
By gideon at 02/15/2001 - 5:39pm
Lanzer writes, "As we all know, casting makes a player invulnerable to some attacks. The more crutial one, being the last boss's flash of death, (if you're under level 60 playing Very Hard mode) can actually be avoided all together by casting Deband (defense up spell) when the flash is about to hit. Shifta (attack up) will probably work too. Tried the restore spell first but that didn't work."

The Japanese Phantasy Star Online Commercial: Part III
By gideon at 02/15/2001 - 5:38pm
Generalgodfree writes, "Sonic Team has updated its web page with the third commercial for Phantasy Star Online. The spot is short at only 15 seconds, but it shows off various aspects of the game, including chatting features. Plus, it features super-adorable Mizukawa Asami, who can be seen here ( ) Asami-chan was born in Osaka on July 24th, 1983, making her an amazing 18 years old! She likes drawing, and knows ballet and calligraphy. Plus, her blood type is A! A is for All-Right!
Unfortunately, Sega of America hasn't aired a stateside commercial for the game. Still, the US version of PSO managed to sell over 70,000 copies in its first day of sales! You can't help but wonder, though, what the game would've sold if Asami-chan were filling up primetime ad slots... (look up for GODFREE on PSO)

Source: IGNDC

Phantasy Star Online Daily Journal
By gideon at 02/15/2001 - 5:36pm
GeneralThere is now a Phantasy Star Online journal for your enjoyment. PSO Daily Journal is where Stuntkid plays through PSO, he records it down in a story format. Very interesting and a great twist on PSO.
PSO Daily Journal


Valentines Gift info.
By gideon at 02/15/2001 - 5:34pm
Roscoe writes, "For those still curious about the Valentines Gift given out to some lucky people in Japan, I simple mailed one of people I waited around in vain with for the present and here's what it was:

Dragon Slayer+20
N60, A60, M60, D60

Not too shabby. Maybe we'll get a 4th of July or Spring Break present or something. : Anyone at SoA or Sonic Team USA listening? :(

What's up with BroadBand?
By gideon at 02/15/2001 - 2:05am
PSOWI have a question to ask. Does anybody know how to get PSO up and running with BBA? I have seen many sites that give you a ton of differant things to do, but is there any way to do it with out buying an import and a cdx?

/me points to the nice English BBP link on the left. mmhmm, that could do it. :)

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