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PSO2 confirmed! Plus the future of Sega...
By gideon at 02/14/2001 - 3:25pm
PSOWPaladinRPG writes, "Xtra already posted this interview link in the General Forum, but I wanted to bring it to everyone's attention ASAP. All I have to say is wtg Sega. :)

Having fun in the Lobbies
By gideon at 02/14/2001 - 2:16pm
GeneralBlondZombi writes, "Now you can make your character dance, fall down, kick, punch and all kinds of things in the lobbies of the ships. If you have a Dreamcast Keyboard you can make your character perform animations. Just hold down the Alt button and press anyone of the function keys (F1 through F12). Each button has its own animation. This can only be done in the lobbies and will not work on Pioneer 2 or on the planet. Just something to keep you entertained while you in the lobby waiting to play. "

JPN PK is a complete fluke; and Hi-level Newbies getting owned
By gideon at 02/14/2001 - 2:16pm
PSOWThey attack you but there is no damage done. It merely pumps up your photon charge in case of a boss battle. There may be a special technique attack to kill in one hit, but come on, have you really seen one evil JPN person online? Don't believe the American stereotype. Also, I've been hearing stories of level 100 newbies, who cheated with their gameshark, get completely owned by even rappys and boomas. It seems that they forgot about all the stats gained from: leveling up, a powerful mag, good weapons/armor/slots, and actually learning to play through the game. That'll show those cheaters.

I don't think anyone was sterotyping anything. Only stating what happened to them.

Dremcast Weekly review PSO and Clan form
By gideon at 02/13/2001 - 8:45pm
GeneralOK Dreacast weekly is a weekly email about news, reviews and much more about Dreamcast here what the lastest email about PSO review and Clan!!! Review:
So it's without a doubt Dreamcast Weekly recommends everyone pick up a copy of Phantasy Star Online post haste, and prepare for a life changing experience! Oh and better pick up a few packets of coffee while your at the shops, for those really, really late night games ;)

Gameplay: 95% -- If you thought normal RPG's were fun, wait until you try it with three other people! Easy controls and a great chat system ensure you can concentrate on playing the game, and not messing with controls.
Graphics: 94% -- The bright colors, rich textures, and design bursting with imagination only Sonic Team could pull off. Pity about objects popping up however.
Sound: 89% -- Nice, but nothing that memorable.
Lastability: 98% -- So addictive you'll keep playing as long as your human body can last!

OVERALL: 94% -- PSO has it's share of problems, but don't let them put you off. (is longer i am trying to put it small)
Now the PSO Clan:
Just a small update this week. People continue to write in asking to be signed up. However, we don't require people to start over just to add a DCW_ to their names. If you do start a new character, don't forget to add a "DCW_" before your name.

In order to keep together online, I'm asking members to stick to the Ariel ship on blocks 1-5. Show your support, and preferably pick the first available block. All games with a DCW in the name will be havens for members looking to lvl up. I will be only Saturdays and Sundays from 3-5PM PST, which is 000-083 beat time. (and I'll be online all sorts of times - Tails)

I hope to run into some members, so we have something more to talk about next week.

[email protected]

Now if you want to get this email weekly email [email protected] and if you can please promote PSO world this is the best PSO site on the planet.. so see you online.. (Godfree)

You can also meet up with the people from #pso on EFnet (and chat with us there). On: US/Puck:09-01

Guidlines for submitting news.
By gideon at 02/13/2001 - 5:08pm
PSOWGod writes, "Since the recent site explosion we've had to lay down a few guidelines for news submissions. These are few and loose, so no worries.

The first guideline being, the 'Submit News' isn't a forum or a FAQ. Try and keep the "I just found a... " and "What do I do with..." to a minimum :)

Ok, so one guideline. 95% of the submissions have been great, they have really helped PSO World, and the community. Thank you everyone for them.

- The PSO World Team
" has a guide but don't waste your time
By gideon at 02/13/2001 - 5:02pm
Mrgrfx writes, "IGN, a well known website that has great news on all entertainment has posted their PSO guide. If you don't have the game and/or a internet connection for your DC, then you might want to check it out. Everyone else, don't bother. PSO World has more information in the news category than the entire guide has. Please note, that IGN usually has easy to read and in depth guides, but they just dropped the ball on this one."

Mrgfx was the first to submit this one, thanks to everyone who submitted news. Today was a huge newsday, I love waking up with 8+ submissions in our que :)

Art Contest, AGAIN
By gideon at 02/13/2001 - 5:01pm
PSOWMrgrfx writes, "OK, Let's get together PSOers and set a deadline. Check PSO World in the coming days for a complete rules and regulations, and deadlines. "

The deadline is March 1st. So get those entries in! Reports Battle Mode!!!! Japan found a way and Beware!!!!
By gideon at 02/13/2001 - 4:58pm
Generalgodfree writes, "Unfortunately, there's been some reports that a couple of Japanese players have found a way to hack PSO that allows them to actually attack other players in an online game. I've talked to a couple of people who've encountered this, and have received a few emails that there are a handful of "Player Kill" Japanese players have been asking players to come in their games, only to constantly kill their guests in a few hits. Whether this is a hack, or some secret feature unlocked is unclear at this point. We'll find out more as this story develops.... (I have been saying this from a long time and no one believes me.. see..!!!)"

Expert Gamer has published a PSO Section in there March Issue
By gideon at 02/13/2001 - 4:55pm
PSOWOrakio3133 writes, "I just got my March 2001 copy of Expert Gamer Magazine in the Mail today and they have a great section on PSO. This ain't just a section on how to beat monsters and bosses! It helps you pick a class how to treat other people on your team even help you witht the DC Keyboard (You should see the little ROCK PAPER SCISSORS game they made up!) I just wanna tell everyone that help has been published and everyone should check it out. "

News Update: Cheating on PSO
By gideon at 02/13/2001 - 4:55pm
GeneralSpectre54 writes, "Following yesterdays news story that I submitted about how some people have and will be able to cheat in PSO (using Xploder, and Code Breaker). unfortunately it is found that the VERY popular Gameshark is actually compatible with these cheat codes. Also there are some japanese gamers who have found some sort of way to PK (player kill). Beware of strangers inviting you into rooms (especially japanese typing strangers) for they could kill you within a few hits and take your stuff. Also, there is now a crack for PSO that allows you to go beyond lvl 100, some have reported seeing people with lvl 999 or above...killing the dragon in one handgun shot (normal Mode). On the lighter side of things Gameshark isn't FULLY compatible with these cheats, if you use gameshark any spells that appear onscreen will freeze the game and erase your memory (thankfully). More on this latest hack as more info appears."

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