Phantasy Star Online Plus

According to the ST PSO Plus Webpage, PSO Ep. I & II Plus will feature:

  • Character and item data is completely transferable data from Ep 1 and 2 similar to how Ver 1 data could be transferred to Ver 2 DCPSO. This is only true for the JP version. You cannot transfer your US characters over to PSO Plus.
  • If you transfer from JP V1.0, PSO Plus will reset and delete your item data but not your character level (similar to how upgrading to JP V1.1 from V1.0 will do this) but this won't happen if you transfer from JP V1.1.
  • Game will run on the same Ep 1&2 servers, meaning you can still say hi and play with friends who are on the regular Ep 1 and 2 version.
  • The currently online only quests such as Seat of the Heart, East Tower and West Tower and will therefore be available for offline play.
  • A completely new never seen before Ep 2 Challenge Mode. Stages 1 - 5 that will span across VR Temple, VR Spacechip and Gal Da Val island to be availble offline only in PSO Plus (Ep2 C-Mode will be available online soon on Ep 1 and 2).
  • GBA online only minigame downloads that are already available in the Ep 1 & 2 version such as Chao Garden, Nights Score Attack and Puyo Pop and will therefore be available for offline play.
  • Other non disclosed offline content.
  • The same JP Hunters License V1.1 or V1.0 will work for this game.

This is so that PSO Ep 1 & 2 players will still get great new content while those who choose to get Ep 3 can enjoy a new gameplay. There are no exact news on new additional items other than the items that will be dropped by the new Control Tower enemies and new Ep 2 Challenge Mode S-Rank items.

Changes To The Game:
  • Bug fixes to stop the shop dupe.
  • When you played "PSO Plus", you CAN go back to play v1.1
  • There is NO double save.
  • There are no new items, no new levels.
  • Seat of the Heart added offline.
  • The East Tower added offline.
  • The West Tower added offline.
  • Central Dome Fire Swirl added offline.
  • Episode 2 Challenge mode added offline.
Release Dates:

Japan: November 27, 2003
Selling price: 3,980 yen
Console: Gamecube
Required Equipment: Memory Card & BBA/Modem
Publisher: Sega

PSO Plus has also been released in the US.

Sonic Team PSO Plus Links:
Order Page: Sega Direct