Soul Element

Item Summary
Japanese Name: ソウルエレメント
Versions: Phantasy Star Zero

Soul Element Details

Phantasy Star Zero
Availability: On the North American version, it can be acquired from the Photon Collector in exchange for 12 Photon Drops.
Details: Grants a weapon the element of "Soul", granting a boost to your Attack Power and Mental Strength when your remaining HP is below 33%. However, this is ineffective with Techniques.

The stat increase percentage at each level of Soul is as follows:
Lv 1: 10%
Lv 2: 15%
Lv 3: 20%
Lv 4: 25%
Lv 5: 30%
Rarity: 5 5 Star(s)
Usable By  (O = Yes, X = No)
Hunters Rangers Forces

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