1) When people come over my place, it is

The place right next to the plane from "Alive."
Dank sewer with electrical problems
Open lake area channel
Foggy mesa overlooking ocean
Hot enough to toast marshmallows
High tech home theater
Bottom of a spooky high tech wall
Please do not step on the people in the ground, k?
Even bigger media room

2) For a night on the town I would like to

Spread my wings and fly!
Fire!!! BURN! Pyro!!
I do not go out, I just sit here and watch myself on the T.V.
Swing my big fat sword around!
Chuck E. Cheese with the kids!
Splash around and slide my slimy tentacles onto the ladies!
Freeze anyone who gets in my path. I am cool as ice!
Devour all the souls I see! I also collect the skulls...
Play three card monty and if they win, I shock em!

3) I am bad because…

I burnt a whole colony to the ground. Big Deal! Wanna fight about it?
There is one of those pesky darvants up my bu? Huh.. wha?
I am freezing my nips off out here, go get me a sweater!
I got fishies... they will bite ya... I got nothing, leave me alone
No beer and no TV make me go.... something, something
There is three of me, and we all pimp the flatscreens!
How can I be bad when there are rats twice the size of me down here!
I will send your ass to Oz, m***a f***ka!!!!
Dude, my swords like 40 feet long. Kthxbye

4) When I was a child, my momma told me

If you shut off all those TVs we could save a lotta money in here.
Flap real those puny wings hard kid and do not look down!
They all float down here, Georgy...
If you want to rule the universe, you better eat your Wheaties!
If you keep eating those people, you're going to get gas...
Boy! One of these days, one of those arms will just pop off!
You take that silly thing off your face and come to dinner, young man!
Take a sweater or you willll catch a cold again...
What mother? I don't need no mother! Never did me any good!

5) My theme song is

Here comes the Hotstepper by Ini Kamoze
It's so easy by Guns N Roses
Bring me to life by Evanescence
Damien by DMX
Ride the Lightning by Metallica
War by Edwin Starr
Shock by Fear Factory
I come from a land down under by Men At Work
We didn't start the fire by Billy Joel

6) On the menu for dinner tonight is

The mole people. Fibulas make good toothpicks.
What would you do for a Klondike bar?!!
TV dinners, I like 'em fast so I can still watch my show
Garlic bread, garlic soup, roasted garlic, garlic everything
Worms, normal or regurgitated… fresh and live
5 alarm chili, hot enough to cause a heart attack.
My babies are looking mighty delicious right now…
I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti
Silly Humar thieves that stole my damn sword!

7) If I was an ice cream cone, how would you eat me?

Ice cream? I do not eat Ice cream! I will cram it in your eye socket after I plant your skull in my garden!
Slice it 3 ways with my big mighty sword and lick it all up.
I will give you some good ol shock therapy, cone first, assimilate nutrients, discard waste, end transmission.
Melt you, refreeze you, fry you, eat you. Rinse, repeat!
You melt before you get to my mouth, I am a sad wittle boy
Ice cream?!! ICE CREAM?!! All I see is ICE ICE ICE. Eff ice cream!
First I wrap my tentacle around you, and then I... give me a minute alone
I will charge it head on and eat it all up in one big bite
I would share some of your creamy ice cream goodness with the kiddies

8) On the days that I am not murdering people, I choose to spend my idle time

Snorkeling in some nice clear warm open ocean water.
Sharpening my horns and making them shining clean!
Soaking up the hot lava baths and working on my tan
Practicing my shape shifting magic tricks on people!
It is disco-fever time!
I have a green thumb, I think my tulips would look good with some daisies
Spend quality time with the kids!
Collecting tazer guns and stereo equipment.
I am planning my 256th ice sculpture masterpiece!

9) My beloved cutsey wutsey pet is

An Aibo! I even programmed it to dance!
I have an eagle, a dragon and a lion. I am an exotics collector.
My very own well trained pot bellied pig. And when I get hungry I can have bacon!
I had it for lunch. Burp
Ha ha ha. A dragonfly! Get it? Oh I kill me!
I rescued Wilbur, my rat, from the sewers…
I have my own Dimenian on a leash
I think I killed it with my breath? My poor Snowball
My own fluffy snuggly polar bear!

10) My all time favorite movie to watch is

Night of the Living Dead
Lion King
Snow Day